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Sybase Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance databases programming :: Sybase Job Interview Questions and Answers

Sybase Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Sybase became the number two database system behind Oracle, after making a deal with Microsoft to share the source code for Microsoft to remarket on the OS/2 platform as SQL Server. So get preparation for the Sybase job or learn basic and advance Sybase with the help of this Sybase Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 Explain about the Sybase group?
2 State some of the products of Sybase?
3 State some of the criticism about Sybase IQ?
4 Explain about Sybase 365?
5 Explain What is Update Statistics in Sybase?
6 Explain the structure of Adaptive server enterprise?
7 Explain about the features of Sybase IQ?
8 Explain the benefits you can get from Mainframe connect?
9 Explain about the mainframe connect tools from Sybase?
10 Explain about Power Designer Data modeling software?
11 Explain about the Data integration suite features?
12 What is the difference in storage type of numeric and decimal data types in sybase ?
13 What are the vital features of Sybase?
14 Explain about Enterprise scalability and ROI of Data integration suite?
15 Give the benefits of Data integration suite?
16 What is procedure cache and data cache in Sybase?
17 Explain about Mirror Activator Disk mirroring?
18 Explain about Open switch business continuity software?
19 Explanation about replication server software?
20 What is a Coalesce? What is the equivalent of Oracle/Db2 Coalesce Function in Sybase?
21 How to swap a db device with another?
22 What is the relationship between JDBC and Sybase?
23 What is RAID and Sybase?
24 How do I correct timeslice -201?
25 How do I move tempdb off of the Master Device?
26 What is the command for quitting from Sybase?
27 How to start/stop ASE when CPU reboots?
28 What is SQL Server and ASE?
29 Explain about Mobile enterprise application enablement?
30 Explain about ETL data integration software?
31 How to clear tempdb when the tempdb gets filled in Sybase?
32 How do I interpret the tli strings in the interface file?
33 How can I tell the datetime my Server started?
34 Raw partitions or regular files?
35 How Can I Run the ASE Upgrade Manually?
36 How can you change to get the decimal separator as comma instead of the decimal point (.)?
37 How To Change varchar(m) to varchar(n) in Sybase?
38 Does Sybase support Row Level Locking?
39 How do I set a password to be null?
40 What is Open Server in Sybase?
41 We have lost the sa password, what can we do?
42 Does Table Partitioning Require User-Defined Segments in Sybase?
43 How Do I Choose Which Tables To Partition in Sybase?
44 Can I Partition Any Table in Sybase ?
45 What Is Table Partitioning in Sybase?
46 Given a table which contains some rows with duplicate keys, how would you remove the duplicates?
47 How Do I Create A Partitioned Table That Spans Multiple Devices in Sybase?
48 Must I Use Multiple Devices to Take Advantage of Partitions in Sybase?
49 Can Two Tasks Be Assigned to the Same Partition in Sybase?
50 How Does Partition Assignment Relate to Transactions in Sybase?
51 Can I Run Any Transact-SQL Command on a Partitioned Table in Sybase?
52 How to view the log files in sybase?
53 How to implement database security?
54 How to compute database fragmentation in Sybase?
55 How to Save space when inserting rows monotonically?
56 What is a natural key in Sybase?
57 What is a good example of a transaction in Sybase?
58 Why not max out all my columns Sybase?
59 How to manually drop a table in Sybase?
60 How Do I Take Advantage of Table Partitioning with bcp in Sybase?
61 Why do my page locks not get escalated to a table lock after 200 locks?
62 On startup, the transaction log of a database has filled and recovery has suspended, what can I do?
63 How do I turn off marked suspect on my database in Sybase?
64 How do I run multiple versions of Sybase on the same server?
65 What is Trace Flag Definitions in Sybase?
66 What is the best value for cschedspins?
67 How do I audit the SQL sent to the server?
68 How to Shrink a Database?
69 How to clear a log suspend?
70 What is Trace Flags -- 5101 and 5102 in Sybase?
71 What is cmaxpktsz good for in Sybase?
72 If the master device is full, how do I make the master database bigger?
73 What is CIS and how can I use it?
74 What are the catches?
75 How do I capture a process s SQL in Sybase?
76 Differences between clustered and non-clustered in Sybase?
77 How do I set TS Role in order to run certain DBCCs?
78 What is Intimate Shared Memory or ISM?
79 Should I run 32 or 64 bit ASE with Solaris?
80 Why place tempdb and log on low numbered devices?
81 How do I force an index to be used in Sybase?
82 Optimistic versus Pessimistic locking in Sybase?
83 Hiding your password to isql in Sybase?
84 Fixing a Munged Log in Sybase?
85 How to implement if-then-else in a select clause in Sybase?
86 How do I remove duplicate rows from a table in Sybase?
87 The timestamp datatype in Sybase?
88 How do I check if log truncation is blocked in Sybase?
89 How do I find the oldest open transaction in Sybase?
90 What are the different types of (All Page) locks in Sybase?
91 What will cause the size of a stored procedure to grow in Sybase?
92 What causes re-resolution of a stored procedure in Sybase?
93 When are stored procedures compiled in Sybase?
94 When should I execute an sp_recompile in Sybase?
95 Alternative to row at a time processing in Sybase?
96 Would RPC or CT-Lib be better/faster?
97 How do I exclude a column in Sybase?
98 Can I use a named pipe to bcp/dump data out or in in Sybase?
99 How to remove row affected and dashes?
100 How do I pipe the output of one isql to another?
101 Are there any alternatives to isql in Sybase?
102 How do I make isql secure in Sybase?
103 How do I pipe the output of isql to a file in Sybase?
104 How do I bcp null dates in Sybase?
105 Divide by zero and nulls in Sybase?
106 How to pad with leading zeros an int or smallint in Sybase?
107 What is my identity burn factor vulnerability right now in Sybase?
108 What is Open Client in Sybase?
109 What is the difference between DB-lib and CT-lib in Sybase?
110 What is this TDS protocol in Sybase?
111 What is ASA in Sybase?
112 On what platforms is ASA supported?
113 What applications is ASA good for?
114 What is Replication Server in Sybase?
115 What is the Difference Between Replication Server and SQL Remote in Sybase?
116 What is the difference between an LTM and a RepAgent in Sybase?
117 How can I improve throughput in Sybase?
118 Which should I use, RepAgent or LTM in Sybase?
119 Which version of Open Client works with which ASE in Sybase?
120 How can I execute dynamic SQL with ASE in Sybase?
121 How do I configure Identities in Sybase?
122 How do I Configure the burn factor in Sybase?
123 How do I tell which tables have identities in Sybase?

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