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69 Most Common Reporter Interview Questions And Answers

Journalism :: Reporter Job Interview Questions and Answers

Reporter related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Reporter. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Tell us how can we tell this story digitally?
2 Tell us what surprised you?
3 Explain me how do you get witnesses, detectives, family members and so on to talk to you?
4 Tell me how many stories are you usually working on at a time?
5 Tell us how do you prevent yourself from becoming quite sad after seeing these situations on a daily basis?
6 Explain where Does The Expression "op-ed" Come From And What Does It Mean?
7 Explain when It Comes To Working In Book And Magazine Publishing, Is It Always Necessary To Be A Writer First, Then An Editor?
8 Tell us how Does The History Of Journalism Relate To Australias Democratic Government Today?
9 Explain what Are The Problems Of Investigative Journalism?
10 Tell us how Did Yellow Journalism Affect The Americans Toward The Cuban Revolt?
11 Tell me what Is The Difference Between Electronic And Print Journalism?
12 Explain me A Big Problem In Your Life And How You Coped With It?
13 Tell us what Qualities Do You Need To Be A Journalist?
14 Tell us what piques your curiosity about the story?
15 Tell me what would an early headline be for this story, knowing that the headline is not set in stone?
16 Do you know how do newspapers like the Daily News hear about stories as they’re breaking?
17 Tell us do you ever receive angry calls or emails after a story’s been published?
18 Tell me what do you think about celebrity journalism?
19 Explain me in Publishing, What Does Volume/issue/number Refer To, As In Architectural Digest Volume 63/issue 6/number 1?
20 Explain when A Person Has Information About A News Story Or Information Worthy Of Reporting How Do They Go About It? Do They Set An Appointment With A Reporter Or Does The Reporter Seek Them?
21 Tell me who Is The Us Newspaper Magnate Who Changed The Face Of Journalism With The Introduction Of Sensationalized Stories?
22 Tell us how Do You Keep Informed Of The News?
23 Tell us what questions will you need to ask to get this story, and what sources will you need to consult?
24 Tell us when you arrive at a crime scene, what’s generally happening? How do you go about reporting?
25 Tell me have you ever had to break the news of a crime to the victim’s friends or family?
26 Tell us how Many Photographs Are Published Annually In U.s. Print Media? Is There A Declining Or Growing Market For Freelance Photography Or Stock Photography?
27 Basic Interview Tips for Journalism:
28 Tell us what Role Did The Apple Macintosh Play In Graphic Journalism, As We Know It Today?
29 Tell me how much time will you need to produce the story, and how much space/time do you think the story deserves?
30 Tell us have you ever had to pretend you’re someone you’re not to get access to a person or place?
31 Explain what Is The Difference Between A Magazine And Newspapers In Term Of The Content Of Each Media?
32 Explain what Censorship Is There In Journalism In Your Country?
33 Tell us what Is The Modern Understanding Of The Word Yellow In The Term Yellow Journalism?
34 Explain me are You Competitive For Journalist Job? Give An Example?
35 Tell us do you ever feel that you’re intruding on people’s lives and exploiting their misery?
36 Explain what Effect Did The Yellow Journalism Used By Hearst And Pulitzer Before And During The Spanish American War?
37 Tell me how Internet Journalism Is Different From Electronic Media?
38 Tell us what Computer Packages Have You Used?
39 Tell us what do you bring with you on a typical day of reporting?
40 Tell us what Is The Difference Between Journalism And Professional Writing?
41 Explain me what Are News Values?
42 Do you know what Is Yellow Journalism?
43 Tell me why Do People Keep Journals?
44 Explain me why Was Yellow Journalism Used?
45 Tell me what Is The Difference Between Journalism And Studio Television?
46 Tell me what Is A Review In A Newspaper?
47 Explain The Terms Yellow Journalism And Muckrakers?
48 Tell me have You Any Questions About This Post Of Journalist?
49 Tell me how Does Freedom Of Press Affect Journalism?
50 Tell us what’s new about the story, and why do you want to tell it now?
51 Tell me what’s the glimpse of wisdom we can offer?
52 Explain me why will the reader or viewer care about the story?
53 Tell me what’s the most common reason people have for not talking?
54 As you know what Are Reporter Credentials? How Are Credentials Obtained?
55 Tell me what Is The Definition Of Journalism Ethics?
56 Explain me what’s one of the longest stakeouts you’ve been on?
57 Tell me how would you tell this story to a friend?
58 Tell us what Should An "editors Note" Contain? How Does One Write It?
59 Tell me what Are The Different Leads Of Journalism?
60 Explain me how do we bring something new to this story?
61 Tell me what’s your take on blogs and the burgeoning online media culture?
62 Tell us how Should You Dress The Characters In Video Journalism Movie?
63 Tell me what are the unanswered questions?
64 Tell us why Are Professional Ethics So Important In Journalism And The Legal World?
65 Explain me how do you deal with being in potentially dangerous situations?
66 Tell me what Is The Status Of Written Journalism These Days?
67 Tell me did the Bravo show portray your profession accurately?
68 Tell me what Are Tear Sheets And Clips For Copy Editors?
69 Tell us what Is The Difference Between Saying Journalism And Communications?

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