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Basic Networking Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance Networking :: Basic Networking Concepts Job Interview Questions and Answers

Learn basic Networking concepts with hundreds of Interview Questions and Answers and examples.

1 What is an Object server?
2 What is a Transaction server?
3 What is a Database Server?
4 What are the most typical functional units of the Client/Server applications?
5 What are all the Extended services provided by the OS?
6 What are Triggers and Rules?
7 What is meant by Transparency?
8 What are TP-Lite and TP-Heavy Monitors?
9 What are the two types of OLTP?
10 What is a Web server?
11 What are Super servers?
12 What is a TP Monitor?
13 TP Monitor does mainly two things extremely well. They are Process management and Transaction management?
14 What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols?
15 What are the types of Transparencies?
16 What is the difference between trigger and rule?
17 What are called Transactions?
18 What are the building blocks of Client/Server?
19 Explain the building blocks of Client/Server?
20 The middleware building block runs on both the client and server sides of an application. It is broken into three categories?
21 What are all the Base services provided by the OS?
22 What are the roles of SQL?
23 What is Structured Query Langauge (SQL)?
24 What are the characteristics of Client/Server?
25 What is Remote Procedure Call (RPC)?
26 What are the main components of Transaction-based Systems?
27 What are the three types of SQL database server architecture?
28 What are the Classification of clients?
29 What are called Non-GUI clients, GUI Clients and OOUI Clients?
30 What is Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)?
31 What is meant by Middleware?
32 What are the functions of the typical server program?
33 What is meant by Symmentric Multiprocessing (SMP)?
34 What are Service-specific middleware?
35 What are General Middleware?
36 What is meant by Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP)?
37 What is OLTP?
38 What is meant by 3-Tier architecture?
39 What is meant by 2-Tier architecture?
40 What is Load balancing?
41 What are called Fat clients and Fat servers?
42 What is meant by Horizontal scaling and Vertical scaling?
43 What is Groupware server?
44 What are the two broad classes of middleware?
45 What are the types of Servers?
46 What is a File server?
47 What are the five major technologies that can be used to create Client/Server applications?
48 What is Client/Server?
49 List out the benefits obtained by using the Client/Server oriented TP Monitors?
50 What are the services provided by the Operating System?
51 What is ACID property?
52 What are Stored procedures?
53 What is wide-mouth frog?
54 What is passive topology?
55 What is routing region?
56 What is virtual channel?
57 Difference between the communication and transmission?
58 What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?
59 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of routing tables?
60 What is Beaconing?
61 What does the Mount protocol do?
62 What are Diagrams and Trigrams?
63 What is the HELLO protocol used for?
64 What is the minimum and maximum length of the header in the TCP segment and IP datagram?
65 What do you meant by "triple X" in Networks?
66 What is attenuation?
67 What is Protocol Data Unit?
68 What are the data units at different layers of the TCP / IP protocol suite?
69 What is difference between ARP and RARP?
70 What is MAC address in Networking?
71 What is terminal emulation, in which layer it comes?
72 What are the types of Transmission media?
73 What are major types of networks and explain?
74 What is SAP?
75 What is multicast routing?
76 What is the difference between routable and non - routable protocols?
77 What is REX?
78 What are the different type of networking / internetworking devices?
79 What is redirector in Networking?
80 What is packet filter in Networking?
81 What is logical link control?
82 What is traffic shaping?
83 What is NETBIOS and NETBEUI in Networking?
84 Why should you care about the OSI Reference Model?
85 What is Proxy ARP?
86 What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)?
87 What is IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)?
88 What is OSPF?
89 What is Kerberos in Networking?
90 What is SLIP (Serial Line Interface Protocol)?
91 What is Mail Gateway?
92 What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol)?
93 What is NVT (Network Virtual Terminal)?
94 What is source route?
95 What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?
96 What is Gateway-to-Gateway protocol?
97 What is Project 802?
98 What is silly window syndrome?
99 What is a Multi-homed Host?
100 What is autonomous system?
101 What is the difference between interior and exterior neighbor gateways?
102 What is MAU?
103 Explain 5-4-3 rule?
104 What is difference between baseband and broadband transmission?
105 What is ICMP?
106 What is Brouter?
107 What is frame relay, in which layer it comes?
108 What is External Data Representation?
109 What is Bandwidth?
110 What protocol is used by DNS name servers?
111 What is the range of IP addresses in the classes of internet addresses?
112 What are the important topologies for networks?
113 Difference between bit rate and baud rate?
114 What is anonymous FTP and why would you use it?
115 What is the difference between an unspecified passive open and a fully specified passive open?
116 What is virtual path?
117 Explain the function of Transmission Control Block?
118 What is a DNS resource record?
119 What is a pseudo tty?
120 What is the Network Time Protocol?
121 What is mesh network?
122 What is RAID?
123 What is a Management Information Base (MIB)?
124 What is cladding in Networking?
125 What is subnet?
126 What is subnet in Networking?
127 What is point-to-point protocol?
128 What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs?
129 What are the possible ways of data exchange?
130 What are the two types of transmission technology available?
131 How do we convert a numeric IP address like into a hostname like

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