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CCNA Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance Networking :: CCNA Job Interview Questions and Answers

Cisco Certified Network Administrators guide for getting job in Networking department. This guide will help you to get preparation of CCNA Interview.

1 What is difference between Switch & Hub?
2 What is PING utility?
3 What is a VLAN? What does VLAN provide?
4 What is Subnetting? Why is it used?
5 Difference between the Communication and Transmission?
6 What is RAID in ccna?
7 What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs?
8 What are the two types of Transmission Technology available in ccna?
9 What is point-to-point protocol in ccna?
10 What are the possible ways of data exchange in ccna?
11 What is difference between Baseband and Broadband Transmission in ccna?
12 What is Protocol Data Unit in ccna?
13 What are major types of Networks and explain?
14 What is Passive Topology in ccna?
15 What is the Mesh Network?
16 How network Gateway is different from Routers?
17 What is the network Brouter?
18 What is the network Subnet?
19 What is the Frame relay, in which layer it comes?
20 What is the Terminal Emulation, in which layer it comes?
21 What is the Beaconing?
22 What are the NetBIOS and NetBEUI?
23 What is the Cladding?
24 What is the Attenuation?
25 What is the MAC address?
26 What is the ICMP protocol?
27 What is the difference between ARP and RARP?
28 What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?
29 Explain 5-4-3 rule?
30 What is the MAU?
31 What is the difference between routable and non- routable protocols?
32 What is the logical link control?
33 What is the Virtual Channel?
34 What is the Virtual Path?
35 What is the multicast routing?
36 What is the IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)?

2012-03-27 05:41:08

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