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77 Most Common Insurance Claims Agent Interview Questions And Answers

Insurance :: Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions and Answers

Insurance Claims Agent related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Insurance Claims Agent. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Tell me what was the most difficult period in your career so far and how did you deal with it?
2 Tell us how well do you understand the insurance industry?
3 Tell me do you consider yourself highly organized?
4 Tell me what about your last job prepared you to step into this position?
5 Tell us how were you notified that you received the job?
6 Tell us can I have your insurance license number?
7 Do you know who will have the primary responsibility for handling my account?
8 What is the contestable period’ in insurance policy?
9 Tell me what is Co-insurance?
10 Is it safe to pay the premium through Insurance Agent?
11 What is the difference between the participating and non-participating policy?
12 Tell me have you had to contact a doctor before on a questionable claim?
13 Tell us when you have difficulty persuading someone to your point of view, what do you do?
14 Explain me what are your three greatest strengths?
15 Tell me as a Claims Adjuster, most of your customers will be in some distress. What qualities do you possess that tell me you are capable of handling communication with individuals in distress?
16 As you know this job requires a lot of communication with clients. Not all of it is communication they want to hear. What would you do about a client who reacts negatively to your evaluation?
17 Please explain what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
18 Tell me how much of my initial premium payment goes to commissions and fees, and how much of that commission do you get?
19 Explain what is your philosophy on working with insurance companies and consumers in settling disputed claims?
20 Please explain what is the difference between “revocable beneficiary” and “irrevocable beneficiary”?
21 Tell us is it possible to get the full payment on cancelling the new policy in free look period?
22 Who is the beneficiary?
23 Tell me how does your firm operate? When is it open? What about after-hours contacts? How will claims reporting be handled?
24 Tell me what continuing education classes have you taken? What credentials, if any, do you have?
25 Tell me how many insurance companies do you represent? How long have you worked with each company?
26 As you know this job requires flexibility and sudden changes to your schedule. How do you plan on handling the stress of the position?
27 Tell me when have you dealt with an angry customer before? How do you handle such situations?
28 Explain about your post-secondary education. What was your best course, and which one gave you the most difficulty?
29 Explain me what steps do you go through when you investigate a claim?
30 Please explain about a fraudulent claim you discovered. What action steps did you take?
31 Suppose if you could re-do any of your insurance courses, which one would you choose and why?
32 Explain about a time that you went out of your way to assist a colleague. What satisfaction did you get from your actions?
33 Explain me about a time when you had to negotiate with someone and you wound up giving in. What would you do differently next time?
34 Tell us how long have you been in insurance? How long with this particular agency?
35 Explain what do you mean by term ‘Insurer’ and ‘Insured’?
36 Tell me some of the career movement on your resume?
37 Tell me have you researched our company? What attracted you to our organization?
38 Tell me in your opinion, what makes you the best candidate for this job?
39 Tell me could I get the names of a few recent clients who you have worked with?
40 What is no-claim bonus?
41 What is the Surrender Value?
42 What happens if you fail to make required premium payments?
43 Explain what experiences do you have talking with legal counsel on claims?
44 Top 20 Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions:
45 Operational and Situational Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions:
46 Behavioral Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions:
47 Basic Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions:
48 Sample Insurance Claims Agent Job Interview Questions:
49 Explain me how are the companies you deal with rated?
50 Please tell us what do you mean by ‘Loss Payee’?
51 Explain what are the different types of Insurance Coverage?
52 How to claim the policy?
53 Please explain what do you mean by ‘insurance coverage’?
54 Please explain what was your favorite part about working there?
55 Suppose if hired by us, what would your goals be as an adjuster?
56 Explain what motivates you to do a good job as a claims adjuster?
57 Tell me why did you choose to become a Claims Adjuster?
58 Please tell us how would you describe the application and interview process?
59 Is it advisable to replace the policy with another policy?
60 Please explain what do you mean by ‘Deductible’?
61 Tell us what companies get most of your business and why?
62 Do you know how can we reduce our costs?
63 Tell us something that do you know about our company?
64 Explain are you efficient with your time?
65 Tell us how do you charge for your services?
66 What is Paid Value?
67 Tell me your job title and primary duties?
68 Tell me what types of programs and software are you well versed in?
69 Explain me what questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
70 What is ‘declaration page’ in insurance policy?
71 Tell me what are you currently working on for self development?
72 Tell us do you specialize in any particular areas?
73 Where do you see yourself in 5 years as Insurance Claims Agent?
74 What do you mean by term Annuity?
75 Explain me what kinds of communication situations cause you difficulty?
76 Please tell me what is a premium’?
77 Please tell me what was the work environment like?

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