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Cryptography General Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance Networking :: Cryptography General Job Interview Questions and Answers

Cryptography General frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Cryptography General. So get preparation for the Cryptography General job interview

1 What is RSA?
2 How Fast is RSA?
3 What Would it Take to Break RSA?
4 Are Strong Primes Necessary in RSA?
5 How Large a Modulus (Key) Should be Used in RSA?
6 How Large Should the Primes be?
7 Can Users of RSA run out of Distinct Primes?
8 How do You Know if a Number is Prime?
9 How is RSA Used for Authentication in Practice? What are RSA Digital Signatures?
10 What are the Alternatives to RSA?
11 Is RSA Currently in Use Today?
12 Is RSA an Official Standard Today?
13 Is RSA a De Facto Standard?
14 Is RSA Patented?
15 Can RSA be Exported from the United States?
16 What is Authenticated Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement?
17 What are DSA and DSS?
18 Is DSA Secure?
19 Is the Use of DSA Covered by Any Patents?
20 What are Special Signature Schemes?
21 What is a Blind Signature Scheme?
22 What is a Designated Confirmer Signature?
23 What is a Fail-stop Signature Scheme?
24 What is a Group Signature?
25 What is Blowfish?
26 What is SAFER?
27 What is FEAL?
28 What is Skipjack?
29 What is a Stream Cipher?
30 What is SEAL?
31 What is a Linear Feedback Shift Register?
32 What are Shift Register Cascades?
33 What are the Shrinking and Self-Shrinking Generators?
34 What Other Stream Ciphers Are There?
35 What is a One-time Pad?
36 What is a Hash Function?
37 What is a birthday attack?
38 How does the length of a hash value affect security?
39 What is a compression function?
40 What are pseudo-collisions?
41 What is the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA and SHA-1)?
42 What Other Hash Functions Are There?
43 What are Message Authentication Codes (MACs)?
44 What is Shamirs Secret Sharing Scheme?
45 What is Blakleys Secret Sharing Scheme?
46 What are Visual Secret Sharing Schemes?
47 What are Interactive Proofs and Zero-Knowledge Proofs?
48 How do Digital Timestamps Support Digital Signatures?
49 What is DNA Computing?
50 What is the Quantum Cryptography?

2012-03-27 05:22:10

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Re: Cryptography General Interview Questions And Answers

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