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Visual Basic (VB) Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: Visual Basic (VB) Job Interview Questions and Answers

Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Visual Basic (VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model. By browsing our Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers you will learn that VB is also considered a relatively easy to learn and use programming language. This VB interview questions and answers guide will make Visual Basic more easy to learn for every one.

1 How do you register a component?
2 Name and explain the different compatibility types when creating a COM component
3 Why is it important to use source control software for source code?
4 What two methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful?
5 What is the tool used to configure the port range and protocols for DCOM communications?
6 What does Option Explicit refer to?
7 What are the different ways to Declare and Instantiate an object in Visual Basic 6?
8 Name the four different cursor types in ADO and describe them briefly.
9 Name the four different locking type in ADO and describe them briefly.
10 Describe Database Connection pooling (relative to MTS )?
11 What are the ADO objects?
12 Under the ADO Command Object, what collection is responsible for input to stored procedures?
13 What are some benefits of using MTS?
14 What is the benefit of wrapping database calls into MTS transactions?
15 Describe and In Process vs. Out of Process component. Which is faster?
16 What are the main components of the ADO object model? How are they used?
17 Can We create CGI scripts in VB?
18 Dim x, y as integer. What is x and y data type?
19 What is Centralization Error Handling?
20 What is frx? What is frx?
21 What is the Dll required for running the VB?
22 Why we use Treeview Control in VB?
23 Handling Error in Calling chain.
24 In project properties if we set Unattended what is it mean?
25 What is the size of the variant data type?
26 What is view Port in VB?
27 What are the different types of error in VB?
28 What is the diff between the Std and Class Module in VB?
29 What is Mixed Cursors in VB?
30 Drag and Drop state numbers and functions in VB?
31 What are the Style Properties of Combo Box in VB?
32 What are the Style properties of List Box in VB?
33 What is Collection Objects in VB?
34 What is the difference between Property Get, Set and Let?
35 How to change the Mouse Pointer?
36 What is Friend Variable?
37 What is DBFailError?
38 What are the record set types?
39 What is the diff between RDO and ADO?
40 Diff types of Lock Types?
41 What are the scopes of the class?
42 Have you create Properties and Methods for your own Controls?
43 Private Dim x as integer. Valid ?
44 Different type of Instantiation in VB?
45 What are the different types of Dialog Box in VB?
46 What is Seek Method which type of record set is available this?
47 What is Zorder Method?
48 Can us able to set Instancing properties like Singleuse, GlobalSingleuse to ActiveXDll?
49 What are properties available in Clip Board?
50 What is the different between Microsoft ODBC Driver and Oracle OBDC Driver?
51 What the RDO Methods and Events?
52 What is MAPI in VB?
53 What are the locks available in Visual Basic?
54 Diff type of Datatypes in VB?
55 What is Tabstrip control?
56 What is Static Variable in VB?
57 What is DBSqlPassThrough?
58 What is the starting Index value? How to locate it?
59 What is Parser Bug?
60 What is keyword used to compare to objects?
61 Suppose from form1 to form2 object property settings will arise to ?
62 What is the return type of Instr and Strcmp?
63 What is Visual Basic Implicit?
64 What is Inprocess and Out of Process?
65 Where will we give the option explicit keyword and for what?
66 How can we call Stored procedure of Back End in RDO and ADO ?
67 What is Static Cursor in VB?
68 How to check the condition in Msgbox?
69 What is control array and how many we can have it with in the form?
70 What is diff between the Generic Variable and Specific Variable?
71 What is the diff. Between function and sub procedures?
72 What is the max size allowed for Extension in Visual Basic?
73 What is FireHouse Cursors?
74 With in the form we want to check all the text box control are typed or not? How?
75 What are the type of validation available in VB?
76 How to trap Data Base Error?
77 How to declare Dll Procedure?
78 Referential Integrity (Take care By jet database Engine). Cascade Delete, Cascade Update is done setting property of Attributes.?
79 How to increase the Date corresponding with month,date,year?
80 Name some date function?
81 What is difference between datagrid and flexgrid?
82 What are two validate with Data Control?
83 To connect the Data Control with Back end What are all the properties to be set?
84 What are the Technologies for Accessing Database from Visual Basic?set?
85 What is the diff between the Create Object and Get object?
86 What is Mask Edit and why it is used?
87 What is RdExecDirect?
88 Different type of Passing Value?
89 What are types of binding?
90 What is Dataware Control?
91 What methods are used for DBGrid in unbound mode?
92 What is ADO? What are its objects ?
93 What is the max size allowed for Max Text box length.
94 Record set types and Number available in VB?
95 What is the max size allowed for Max Control Names length?
96 How many procedures are in VB?
97 What is the max size allowed for Max label caption length?
98 what will be the result for 15/4 and 154 ?
99 What is the max size allowed for Msgbox Prompt and Input Box?
100 Calling Stored Procedures in VB?
101 DSN Less Connection in VB?

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