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Python Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: Python Job Interview Questions and Answers

Python Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Python claims to remarkable power with very clear syntax and its standard library is large and comprehensive. Learn more about the Python Programming language basic and advance concepts or get preparation of Python Jobs Interview by our Python Interview Questions and Answers Guice.

1 What is python?
2 Is python the right choice for Web based Programming?
3 What are uses of lambda?
4 When you need ordered container of things, which will be manipulated, use lists.
5 When do you use list vs. tuple vs. dictionary vs. set?
6 Do they know a tuple/list/dict when they see it?
7 What is used to represent Strings in Python? Is double quotes used for String representation or single quotes used for String representation in Python?
8 Who created the Python programming language?
9 Why cannot lambda forms in Python contain statements?
10 How is memory managed in Python?
11 Which of the languages does Python resemble in its class syntax?
12 Why was the language called as Python?
13 Does Python support strongly for regular expressions? What are the other languages that support strongly for regular expressions?
14 Why is not all memory freed when Python exits?
15 What are the disadvantages of the Python programming language?
16 What is the language from which Python has got its features or derived its features?
17 What is the Java implementation of Python popularly known as?
18 What is the method does join() in python belong?
19 Does python support switch or case statement in Python? If not what is the reason for the same?
20 How is the Implementation of Pythons dictionaries done?
21 What is the statement that can be used in Python if a statement is required syntactically but the program requires no action?
22 What is all the operating system that Python can run on?
23 What are the uses of List Comprehensions feature of Python?
24 What is used to create Unicode string in Python?
25 What is the optional statement used in a try except statement in Python?

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