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Delphi Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: Delphi Programming Job Interview Questions and Answers

Delphi Programming Interview Questions and Answers will guide us not that Object Pascal refers to a branch of object-oriented derivatives of Pascal, mostly known as the primary programming language of Delphi. Pascal compilers, including those for Object Pascal, generally run very fast while producing highly optimized code. Learn Delphi Programming by this Delphi Programming  Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What is Delphi?
2 What versions of Delphi are there?
3 What operating systems does Delphi support?
4 How much disk space, memory, etc, do I need to run Delphi?
5 How tough is it to learn Delphi?
6 What is the difference between Delphi and Delphi Client/Server?
7 Can we write multi-user database applications in regular Delphi?
8 What is the history of Delphi?
9 Where can I get a copy of Delphi?
10 What if I do not have a CD-ROM drive?
11 What technical support do we get with Delphi?
12 I just bought Delphi. Where are the language and library reference manuals?
13 Can I use DLLs developed in C or C++ from Delphi?
14 Can I make calls to Delphi code from C or C++?
15 How do we get access to a database from Delphi?
16 Does Delphi support the  back-end?
17 Can I use the ODBC drivers that I got with ?
18 How do I write a change password function for a Paradox table?
19 How can I manipulate data programatically?
20 Why do I get compile errors acessing the Sender object in events?
21 Are there any tools to help me migrate my applications to Delphi?
22 How do I close a modal form? For that matter, what is the best way to close any form?
23 Do I have to know a lot about the Windows API to use Delphi?
24 Do I have to understand object-oriented programming to use Delphi?
25 How does Delphis exception handling work?
26 How does Delphi handle Windows callbacks?
27 When I use the Glyph property, how do I know which color is transparent?
28 I am trying to call  from Delphi and it GPFs. Whats up?
29 How do I write a global error handler?
30 Why do I get exception messages even though I am in protected code?
31 What should I give to Windows API functions that want a hWnd?

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Re: Delphi Interview Questions And Answers

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