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What Are The Main Uses Of Macromedia FLASH?

Macromedia FLASH:
Flash, previously owned by Macromedia and now owned and supported by Adobe, is an application used to create videos, animation, games and advertisements that people view using a web browser with the Flash plugin, on a mobile device or with the standalone Flash Player on a computer. Content creators use Flash to make videos, games and ads with small file sizes so they can download quickly over the Internet.

Uses OF Macromedia Flash:
With Flash, you create images with drawing and painting tools or draw them with another application and import them. You can draw a character's head on one layer, and on another layer draw the mouth, which you change over successive frames to animate it.

You can embed videos into a Flash file, with user controls to pause, play, rewind and fast-forward. Videos can combine with animated images, so you can mix a product demonstration with graphics that explain how it works or how much it costs, for example, or have people share the screen with an animated character.

Flash uses the ActionScript programming editor, so you can create interactive games. A player clicks on an object and can select it or move it, and make choices that lead to different experiences in the next step of the game. Flash games will look the same no matter what web browser they are played in, which lets you design a game once that can play on multiple platforms.

Flash templates let you design ads for web pages, such as full, half and vertical banners, as well as buttons and pop-ups. You can make silent ads or ones with moving text, images and sounds. Flash ads can also include interactive game content.

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Re: What Are The Main Uses Of Macromedia FLASH?

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