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XQuery Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: XQuery Job Interview Questions and Answers

XQuery Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that XQuery is a query and functional programming language that is designed to query collections of XML data. XQuery 1.0 was developed by the XML Query working group of the W3C. The work was closely coordinated with the development of XSLT 2.0 by the XSL Working Group. So learn XQuery or get preparation for the job of XQuery by the help of this XQuery Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 Why do I need TC Trustcenter Publisher ID?
2 How much does Symbian Signed testing and certification cost?
3 Have freeware developers been taken into account in S60 3rd Edition?
4 What is a UID and how do I get one?
5 What are the requirements for becoming a Symbian Self Certifier?
6 How do I know which platform security capabilities my S60 3rd Edition application requires?
7 The application I am creating requires to have access to an API or functionality which use requires the Nokia Vendor ID. How can I have the Nokia VID for my application?
8 For how long are TC Trustcenter Publisher ID and developer certificates valid?
9 What is the accessibility testing?
10 Is signing mandatory in S60 3rd Edition?
11 What is the difference between a self-created certificate, a Symbian developer certificate, and Symbian Signed?
12 If an application has been previously tested with a Series 40 device and it is Java Verified, can I install the same application to other Series 40 devices?
13 The application has been previously tested with an S60 2nd Edition device and it is Symbian Signed. Can I install the same application to other S60 devices?
14 I am not able to install Symbian SIS fle to Symbian OS v.9.x device? What should I do?
15 What should I do if installation fails when trying to install a Java Verified application to an S60 device?
16 What should I do if installation fails when trying to install a Java Verified application to an S60 device?
17 What does compatibility testing involve and who will do the testing?
18 What is the purpose of compatibility testing?
19 Some elements on the web page I am testing contain leading (trailing) whitespaces. I am using the Utilities.Trim function to remove them, but sometimes it does not work. What is wrong?
20 How can I find a specific image within a web page?
21 How can I check if a web page contains specific text?
22 How can I find a web page element that contains specific text?
23 The web page I am testing displays the Login dialog. How can I access this dialog?
24 I would like to add an HTML document to the Tested Applications collection. How can I do this?
25 The script recorded over the tested web page is not played back correctly. What is wrong?
26 Does TestComplete support testing of Flex applications?
27 Explain about the DTD features?
28 What is Xalan?
29 Explain about XML Canonicalization?
30 Explain about core validation?
31 State some features of XQuery?
32 Explain about XQuery?
33 Does Web test run on Solaris?
34 What category of testing does this tool do? Functionality entirely inside the browser or does it simulates HTTP requests?
35 Is their a provision to synchronize if the server response is slower during playback than at the time of recording?
36 Can I invoke a system application from my webscript?
37 Does this tool have a provision to capture unexpected pop-up windows screen shots?
38 Can I have checkpoints or test cases configured for element properties / javascript messages which would be dynamically formed?
39 Can I call another webscript from the current webscript?
40 Do you have any list of the commands / functions used in webscripts?
41 Do you test web pages containing Active X components?

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Re: XQuery Interview Questions And Answers

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