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Top Jobs for a High paying in Pakistan?

Top Career:

1. Career as Software Engineer

Career as software Engineer is the most demanding career in Pakistan and considered to be a high paying career job. The employees are getting handsome salary packages in software engineering career. Remember that salaries differ from appointment to appointment and capabilities of employee. Software engineers are getting high pays in Pakistan as the normal salary of a software engineer is from Rs 40,000 /month to Rs 120,000/month. There is another golden opportunity for software engineers to work online and get good amount from freelancing by sitting at home.

2. Finance & Accounting

It is time and experience based career job and your salary increases with your experience. If we consider executive level jobs in Pakistan, a Financial Manager having experience more than 10 Years is getting more than 145,000 PKR per month. Therefore people having career in accounts and finance sector are also getting good amount of salary.

3. Marketing  Career

Marketing sector is considered one of the best career jobs in Pakistan. In marketing sector starting salaries are from Rs 30,000/month to Rs 50,000/month and after five years when you are well experienced then it will becomes 140,000 Rs or higher. Due to the appearance of Multinational Companies the economy of Pakistan is extremely affected, which has ranked this career to be the top career in Pakistan.

4. Telecom Engineering Career

Telecom Industries in Pakistan are in flourishing stage and it is expected that in future it will boost in size. Career in telecom engineering has a bright future in Pakistan and it is observed that telecom engineers are being paid a good amount of salary in Pakistan. The starting salary varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 but with the passage of time and experience salary would be between Rs 70,000 to Rs 95,000 per month.

5. HR Management Career

HR management is the best managerial career and highly demanded in the world. In Pakistan, HR Degree getting popular amongst the youngsters and so many students are moving towards HR Management career. The salary might be Rs 20,000 to Rs 350,000 in the beginning but after some time it would cross Rs 100,000 barrier.

Time and patience is the key to success in every career but all career opportunities discussed in the post have accelerated promotion. Pakistan is a developed country and need good and qualified people to work for them. It is suggested that if you are qualified and meets the requirements of above mentioned high paying career opportunities in Pakistan, do try for it.

Remember that if you are in Pakistan and earning Rs 50,000-60,000/month is better than to waste your time in USA to earn Rs 200,000/month. Why? Just think and you will get the answer.

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2014-10-09 05:09:49

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Re: Top Jobs for a High paying in Pakistan?

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