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XForms Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: XForms Job Interview Questions and Answers

XForms Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that XForms is an XML format for the specification of a data processing model for XML data and user interfaces for the XML data, such as web forms. XForms was designed to be the next generation of HTML/XHTML forms, but is generic enough that it can also be used in a standalone manner, so learn XForms by the help of this XForms Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What are XForms?
2 Can you tell us how you handle the mapping from?
3 Can you tell us if it is possible to render XForms?
4 Can you tell us if it is possible to use your XForms?
5 Can you tell us how the Orbeon?
6 Can you highlight some goodies or addons the Orbeon?
7 Desctibe in brief about Application Testing life cycle?
8 Describe in brief about Automation Testing life cycle?
9 What is Package Testing life cycle?

2012-03-27 05:17:16

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Re: XForms Interview Questions And Answers

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