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XLink Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: XML Linking Language (XLink) Job Interview Questions and Answers

XLink Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the XML Linking Language, or XLink, is an XML markup language used for creating hyperlinks in XML documents. XLink is a W3C specification that outlines methods of describing links between resources in XML documents, whether internal or external to the original document. So learn XLink by the help of this XLink Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What is XLink?
2 What is XLL?
3 What is server-side XPointer?
4 What is URL path?
5 What is non-XML resources?
6 What is a URN?
7 What is validating parser?
8 What advice would you give to someone who asked you where to start to introduce to their company a metrics and quality reporting program?
9 What in your opinion are the most significant fundamental differences between SEI SW-CMM and ISO 9000-3?
10 You were given a chance to implement either walkthroughs or inspections. Based on your personal experience which one would you choose? Please share your reason?
11 What in your opinion is the role of SQA personnel with respect to inspections or testing?
12 What are the most likely quality consequences of choosing an inappropriate life cycle model for a software project?
13 What real-life experience have you had with Software Quality Assurance and/or Software Quality Control?
14 Someone complains that during system testing the application often crashes. What likely process problem does that indicate?
15 Is Reduction of scrap increases profitability?
16 What does 6 Sigma represent?
17 What is the expansion for ASQC?

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Re: XLink Interview Questions And Answers

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