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XSLT Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: XSLT (XSL Transformations) Job Interview Questions and Answers

XSLT Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that XSLT (XSL Transformations) is a declarative, XML-based language used for the transformation of XML documents into other XML documents. The original document is not changed; rather, a new document is created based on the content of an existing one. So learn XSLT or get preparation for the job of XSLT (XSL Transformations) by the help of this basic XSLT Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What is the XSLT?
2 Who developed XSLT?
3 What does XSLT processing models involve?
4 Can you use the XSLT to convert html into VXML?
5 Do you feel that you are a good XSLT programmer?
6 Which was the first processor related to XSLT?
7 Do you feel that you have chosen the right technology XSLT?
8 Are you ready to relocate?
9 How to use filtering in XSLT?
10 How to use <xsl:sort>element in XSLT?
11 How you define template in XSLT?
12 How to transform an XML into XHTML?
13 How to transform an XML document into another XML document?
14 How we compare XSLT and XPath?
15 How to use filtering function in XSLT?

2012-03-27 05:16:26

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Re: XSLT Interview Questions And Answers

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