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MFC Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: MFC Job Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) frequently Asked Questions in various MFC job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) job interview

1 Will there be any difference in the image buffer size if it is loaded in from CString to LPTSTR using GetBuffer()? lptstr = string.GetBuffer(0);
2 How to update windows title bar dynamically?
3 What is CTargetObject?
4 How to find the mouse entering an image and while entering need to display next image?
5 How we call a dialog in another dialog?
6 List out the parameters of WinMain Function?
7 How to create a button dynamically?
8 What is a message map?
9 List out the basic features of MFC?
10 How to give color for dialog button or static buuto?
11 Which Macro is a Super set of other two macro DECLARE_SERIAL, DECLARE_DYNAMIC and DECLARE_DYNCREATE?
12 Visual Programming c++ coding for create a paint application?
13 What is the use of CCmdTarget?
14 General purpose classes in MFC?
15 What is primitive and non-primitive application?
16 What is the base class for MFC?
17 How you find memory leaks?
18 If application hangs while SendMessage is waiting for the result, how you handle it?
19 How can update edit control data of an executing application from other application?
20 What is stack size in win32 program?
21 what is the use of CWinApp class?
22 What is model and modeless dialog box? Give some examples?
23 What is the base class for MFC Framework?
24 What is the flow of SDI application?
25 What is synchronization objects types and where we are using in the code?
26 Whats is DDX & DDV in MFC?

2012-03-27 05:04:27

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Re: MFC Interview Questions And Answers

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