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COM DCOM Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: COM DCOM Job Interview Questions and Answers

DCOM COM frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in COM DCOM. So get preparation for the DCOM COM job interview

1 How do you make a NET component talk to a COM component?
2 What are queued components?
3 C is aggregated by B, which in turn aggregated by A. Our client requested C. What will happen?
4 How does a DCOM component know where to instantiate itself?
5 What kind of components can be used as DCOM servers?
6 What are the different compatibility types when we create a COM component?
7 How to Use structs in COM interfaces when Automation compatibility is not an issue?
8 Do COM keep track of all the object references (Accounting)?
9 how to call a dll as a COM dll?
10 Define and explain about COM?
11 Differentiate normal DLL to COM DLL?
12 When you call CoInitialize(NULL) function how it works internally?
13 Explain Futures of COM?
14 How do you know it is general dll or com dll?
15 Can a COM interface be implemented by more than one COM class in the same COM component?
16 Which tool is used to configure the port range and protocols for DCOM communications?
17 What are the purposes of AddRef, Release and QueryInterface functions?
18 What is IUnknown? What methods are provided by IUnknown?
19 What should QueryInterface functions do if requested object was not found?
20 What happens when client calls CoCreateInstance?
21 How to create an instance of the object in COM?
22 What is the difference, if any, between OLE and COM?
23 What is a moniker?
24 Suppose we have object B and aggregated object C (in- proc server), created by B. Can you access any interface of B from C? What?s the difference between aggregated and contained objects?
25 What is In-proc?

2012-03-27 04:57:15

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Re: COM DCOM Interview Questions And Answers

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