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General Knowledge Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: General Knowledge Job Interview Questions and Answers

General Knowledge frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in General Knowledge. So get preparation for the General Knowledge job interview

1 How many pillar in Islam?
2 Who is chief minister of Assam?
3 What is unubium called as now, in the periodic table?
4 What is the eligibility & requirement of educational qualification in respect of the post of "The President of India"?
5 9 9 9 9 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 is me se kin 6 number ka total 21 hota he?
6 First emergency declared in India?
7 In india where is a mosque with tangle tomb?
8 Are fundamental rights justible?
9 Which of the following airlines is assigned the code CD?1 Alliance Air2 Singapore Airlines3 Jet Airways4 Indian Airlines
10 Rocky, Links, Mother Nature and Merlin are the1 Names for various Office Assistants in Microsofts Office package2 Names of famous Walt Disney cartoons3 Names of characters in the novels by Bhaskar Ghosh4 Names of Holiday Inn hotels
11 German company Biersdorf A.G. is famous for1 The Nivea brand2 Printing the bookMein Fuhrer3 The Ambassador brand4 Manufacturing Mercedes Benz
12 Who wrote the book, India Unbound?1 Gurcharan Das2 Arundhati Roy3 Aditya Birla4 Mukesh Ambani
13 The International Cigarette and Tobacco Ltd., Chennai was held guilty of infringing upon which of the following popular brands?1 Johnnie Walker2 Camel3 Bacardi4 Marlboro
14 Bioslim, Sunova and Nupane are alternate medicine brands sold by1 Sanat Products2 Ayurvedic Concepts3 Ranbaxy4 Glaxo
15 Name the famous writer who has acted in Massey Sahib:1 Khushwant Singh2 Arundhati Roy3 Vikram Seth4 Kamal Das
16 Who makes Cheerios?1 Kelloggs2 Hindustan Lever3 General Flour Co.4 General Mills
17 Name the bestseller by Frederick Forsyth based on the Gulf War:1 Fist of God2 Iraqi Folly3 Operation Dust4 The Negotiator
18 Name the retired Army Major who holds an important post in the cabinet:1 Jaswant Singh2 Yashwant Sinha3 Pramog Mahajan4 George Fernandes
19 Which of the following items are included in the Indian Budget?1 Actual figures of the preceding budget2 Revised estimates for the current year3 Budget estimates for the following year(a)1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3(c) 1 and 3 (d) All of these
20 All acids essentially contain1 Oxygen2 Hydrogen3 Nitrogen4 Chlorine
21 Which of the following is an alloy of iron?1 Monel metal2 Alnico3 Gun metal Type metal4 Type metal
22 The Dutch painter who created Sunflowers was1 Johannes Guttenberg2 Van Gogh3 Picasso4 Leonardo da Vinci
23 Jhansi Ki Rani is a film directed by1 A.J.F.Madan2 Sohrab Modi3 Himanshu Rai4 Joseph David

2012-03-26 10:45:57

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Re: General Knowledge Interview Questions And Answers

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