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Current Affairs 2010 Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Current Affairs 2010 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Current Affairs 2010 guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Current Affairs 2010 frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Current Affairs 2010 interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Current Affairs 2010 Interview Question or answer. Ask Current Affairs 2010 Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 In the 6th Ministerial Conference Hong Kong a core group was formed by developing countries for NAMA who chaired the groupBrazilChinaIndiaUK?
2 The Japanese space probe Hayabusa was targeted atSaturnSatellite of SaturnAn AsteroidNone of these?
3 Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra will be the new face to promote guns made by which company?(a) Mouser(b) Walther(c) Uzi(d) Colt(e) Smith & Wesson?
4 Which of the following areas got VI schedule status, recentlyA district in ChandigarhBodo areas in AssamDarjeeling Gorkha HillsLemu clan in Arunachal Pradesh?
5 Who wrote Anandmatha?a.Bal Gangadhar Tilakb.Subhash Chandra Bosec.Ravindranath Tagored.Bankimchandra Chattopadhyayae.None of these?
6 Who won the 2009 FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Abuja, Nigeria recently?(a) Netherlands(b) Switzerland(c) Brazil(d) Portugal(e) Mexico?
7 Who is the richest person in world for the year 2009 as declared by Forbes magazine?a)Bill Gatesb)Warren Buffettc)Mukesh Ambanid)LN Mittale)Carlos Slim Helu?
8 Who among the following is that author of the book entitled, To a Hunger-free World?a)A.P.J. Abdul Kalamb)Prof Amartya Senc)M.S. SwaminathandJaswant Singhe)Nelson Mandela?
9 Who was in news recently for the book Branding India An Incredible Story recently?a)Dipankar Guptab)Shashi Tharoorc) Amitabh Kantd) Ashutsoh Mazumdare)Prof. Meghnad Desai?
10 Who wrote the book Hind Swaraj in the year 1909?a.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patelb.Mahatma Gandhic.Jawaharlal Nehrud.Motilal Nehrue.None of these?
11 A national council is proposed for developing Creative and cultural Industries which of the following is the part of three industriesCottage IndustriesHandloom of HandicraftProduct design fashionAll of these?
12 Who won the Shanghai Masters Tennis tournament organised recently?(a) Andy Murray(b) Nikolay Davydenko(c) Rafael Nadal(d) Roger Federer(e) Novak Djokovic?
13 Green Initiative for the Future Transport GIFT is related withEnvironment Impact Assessment EIAHydrocarbon Vision 2020H2 energy in motor vehiclesBiodiesel?
14 Suresh Kalmadi was elected unopposed as the President of the Asian ______ Association for a third term at Guangzhou, China recently.(a) Basketball(b) Hockey(c) Weightlifting(d) Athletics(e) Shooting?
15 The book Nine Lives: In search of the sacred in Modern India is written by?a)Kiran Desaib)Margaret Atwoodc)William Dalrympled)Lorrie Mooree)Subroto Bagchi?
16 World Professional Billiards Champion Pankaj Advani accepted the Eklavya award, the highest recognition for a sportsperson in which state recently?(a) Delhi(b) Karnataka(c) Tamil Nadu(d) Kerala(e) Andhra PradeshCategory?
17 Noted sports journalist Rajan Bala passed away recently. Which of the following is the book authored by him was published posthumously recently?a)The Greatest of My Timeb)Days Well Spentc)Purple Patchesd)Spin and Other Turnse)The Appeal of Cricket?
18 Institute of planning Research which was inspected by International mission before offering India the membership of ITER is located atPuneBangaloreAhemdabadMumbai?
19 Who has authored the recently released book India and the Global Financial Crisis?a) Y. V. Reddyb)Shankar Acharyac)Rakesh Mohand)Anil Virmanie)C. Rangarajan?
20 Who among of the following is the political scientist famous for his book?- The Clash of Civilizations?a)Keniche Ohmaeb)Jim Collinsc)Michael Hammerd)James Buchanane)Samuel Huntington?
21 Which former Test Cricketer of Australia is the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of International Cricketers? Association (FICA) that looks after the interest of cricketers of Test playing countries?(a) Allan Border(b) Tim May(c) Kim Hughes(d) Tom Moody(e) David Boon?
22 Virender Sehwag was in news recently for his score of 293 runs in the first inning of the third test match between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai. Who has scored the highest number of double centuries in tests for India?(a) Virender Sehwag(b) Rahul Dravid(c) Sachin Tendulkar(d) Sunil Gavaskar(e) Both (1) and (3)?
23 Which Indian Booker Prize winner will publish the book Last Man in the Tower? in early 2011a)Kiran Desaib)Arundhati Royc) Aravind Adigad)Arundhati Roye)Salman Rushdie?
24 Sachin Tendulkar has the second longest One Day International (ODI) career currently. Who holds the record for the longest ODI career spanning 20 years and 272 days?(a) Allan Border(b) Kapil Dev(c) Javed Miandad(d) Brian Lara(e) Andrew Flintoff?
25 Alan Macfarlane was in news recently for releasing a book on the occasion of completion of 800 years of which university recently?a)Harvardb)Cambridgec)Oxfordd)Lyonse)Berlin?
26 Virender Sehwag was in news recently for missing his triple century in the India-Sri Lanka series by less than 10 runs. Who is the only batsman to have scored three triple centuries in Test Cricket?(a) Allan Border(b) Donald Bradman(c) Brian Lara(d) Both (2) & (3)(e) None of the above?
27 Which of the following in not member of G-20BrazilChinaPakistanJapan?
28 Which of the following statements about the Federation Cup Womens Tennis Team tournament organised recently is incorrect?(a) The final was played at Reggio Calabria(b) Russia was the losing finalist(c) The final was played on clay court(d) The losing finalist was unable to win a single match in the final(e) Flavia Pennetta, Francesca Schiavone, Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci were members of the winning team?
29 Who among the following is not among the six authors shortlisted for the 2009 Man Booker Prize winner announced recently?a)Sarah Watersb)JM Coetzeec)AS Byattd) Nick Hornbye)Adam Foulds?
30 What is Advance Technology Vessel ATVA plate form for advance countries to come togetherA commercial ship developed by USAA nuclear powered submarineA super fast speed boat?
31 Who is the head of WTOM. kamal nathKeith RockwellDr. IncroperaPascal Lamy?
32 Name of the author of Sea of Poppiesa.Amitav Ghoshb.Arvind Adigac.Chetan Bhagatd.Vikas Swaroope.None of these?
33 Who was appointed as the new captain of the 21-member Indian Hockey team for the FIH Men?s Champions Challenge tournament in Salta, Argentina from December 6 to 13?(a) Tushar Khandekar(b) Dilip Tirkey(c) Arjun Halappa(d) Rajpal Singh(e) Dhanraj Pillai?
34 Which well known former Olympic gold medallist is Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games?(a) Daley Thompson(b) Sebastian Coe(c) Steve Overt(d) Robin Cousins(e) Eric Heiden?
35 Which publisher was in news recently for publishing former Union Minister and expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singhs book Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence?a)Penguin Indiab)HarperCollinsc) Rupa & Cod)Imprint Bookse)AH Wheeler & Co?
36 Which of the following statements about the schedule of the 2011 World Cup announced recently are correct?I. India and Pakistan are in the same groupII. Bangladesh will host two quarter-finals while India and Sri Lanka will host one quarter-final eachIII. Opening ceremony of the World Cup will be organised in Dhaka(a) I only(b) I and II only(c) I and III only(d) II and III only(e) I, II and III?
37 Who amongst the following is the author of the book Development as Freedom?a.Dr. C. Rangarajanb.Dr. Y.V. Reddyc.Dr. Amartya Send.Anug San Suukyie.None of these?
38 The Caged Phoenix: Can India Fly? is a recent book authored by which of the following authors?a)Amitabh Kantb)Shiv Shankar Menonc)Dipankar Guptad)Jairam Rameshe)Meghnad Desai?

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