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Hacking Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Hacking Job Interview Questions and Answers

Hacking is a criminal act, The terms hack and hacking are also used to refer to a modification of a program or device to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable, such as by circuit bending. It is from this usage that the term hacking is often used to refer to more nefarious criminal uses such as identity theft, credit card fraud or other actions categorized as computer crime. So get start preparation for a job interview related to the Hacking

1 How do I crack VMS passwords?
2 How do I access the password file under Unix?
3 How do I crack Unix passwords?
4 How do I access the password file under VMS?
5 What is NIS/yp?
6 What is password shadowing?
7 How do I break out of a restricted shell?
8 How do I gain root from a suid script or program?
9 How do I fake posts to UseNet?
10 What is a Red Box?
11 How do I build a Red Box?
12 Which payphones will a Red Box work on?
13 What is a Blue Box?
14 Do Blue Boxes still work?
15 What is a Black Box?
16 What are some IRC channels of interest to hackers?
17 How do I hack ChanOp on IRC?
18 How do I modify the IRC client to hide my real username?
19 What is a ringback number?
20 What is a hacking loop?
21 What is a trojan/worm/virus?

2012-03-26 10:41:51

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Re: Hacking Interview Questions And Answers

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