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Linux General Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: Linux General Job Interview Questions and Answers

Linux General frequently Asked Questions in various Linux General job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Linux General interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Linux General job interview

1 Which type of application can be run on Linux? and explain what it the use of that?
2 How to find out shared file&dir of FTP?
3 What is kernel parameters? where its located and how would you find it?
4 What is block device and character device?
5 How many types of user accounts are available in Linux OS?
6 How nfs server works in Linux.........please mention the nfs server working process?
7 What is the difference between samba and ftp server in Linux?
8 Why kerberos.............what its need?
9 What is the use of nis server in Linux?
10 Is it possible to reduce the size of a already created partition?
11 In /etc/fstab, wat is the meaning of defaults word and 0 0 indicates which options?
12 What is the command to see on which port whichservice is running? and What is the difference between /etc/services file and net stat command?
13 What is the differences between scp and rsync in Linux?
14 Is it possible to break the grub password in  Linux?
15 What is difference between ext3 and ext4 file-system?
16 Can we open pdf files in suse?
17 How to open Microsoft word document,power point etc. on Linux suse version and vise versa?
18 A system has four NI cards , how do you find out that a particular NI card is faulty without going to the sever?
19 What are the main diff between NFS and Samba Servers?
20 What is the main difference between Yum & rpm?
21 Explain Linux file types?
22 How to install Linux OS along with fedora 14 OS in one System?
23 What is the detail boot process in Linux? Start form Pc on?
24 Is it possible to install Linux RHEL5 os along with fedora14 Linux os in one system?
25 How is FAT32 file system mounted in Linux file system?

2012-10-15 06:03:28

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Re: Linux General Interview Questions And Answers

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