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Oracle Applications Interview Questions And Answers

Oracle Database :: Oracle Apps Job Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Applications frequently Asked Questions in various Oracle Apps job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Oracle Applications interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Oracle Applications job interview

1 How can the new account combinations be defined when dynamic insert option is not enabled?
2 What is automatic offset in AP?
3 What are the pre-requisites for an AP Invoice line to move to FA module?
4 Suppose If the client is totally dependent on manual on Manual transactions then Is the auto-accounting rules Mandatory?
5 Suppose where the Invoice given by supplier is in USD, but the payment can be done in GBP. Is it possible in AP?
6 Suppose where during the consolidation into USD(from GBP books) I want use two different exchange rates for two consolidations. Child SOB is same but the Parent SOBs are different. How can this be done?
7 How to translate the balances of SOB in GBP currencies into multiple currencies or only in one different currency?
8 What is Secondary Tracking Segments?
9 List some exceptions other than NO_DATA_FOUND, TOO_MANY_ROWS and WHEN OTHERS?
10 Explain what is the use of below  profile options while configure multiorg?1. HR: Security Profile2. MO: Security Profile 3. GL Set of books name4. MO: Operating Unit5. HR: User type?
11 What is the difference between format trigger and action trigger?
12 What is global tempory table?
14 How to increase the number of invoices at the time of  payment. Actualty in my setup it will not take more than 300 invoices?
15 What characters can i use in an item name(including special characters)?
16 How to change an items UOM?
17 How to define an expense type or asset type item?
18 What is the difference between workday calendar and accounting calendar?
19 Name of the reports in oracle inventory related to transaction?
20 Differentiate between intra & inter UOM class conversion with examples?
21 Is UOM maintained at master level or organization level or both?

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Re: Oracle Applications Interview Questions And Answers

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