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3D Animation Interview Questions And Answers

Multimedia :: 3D Animation Job Interview Questions and Answers

3D Animation frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in 3D Animation. These interview questions and answers on 3D Animation will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the 3D Animation job interview

1 Explain multimedia?
2 What is the need of multimedia course?
3 What is the use of animation?
4 What is the country that started 3d animation first?
5 What is the first movie that used 2d animation in telugu movie?
6 What is difference between display card and graphic card?
7 What is Texturing?
8 What is Modeling and Texturing?
9 What is Lighting?
10 Explain meaning of multimedia?
11 Explain animation?
12 Explain a ambeant acclusion?
13 Explain Rigging?

2012-08-15 04:02:40

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Re: 3D Animation Interview Questions And Answers

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