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.Net Mobile Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: Microsoft .Net Mobile Job Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft .Net Mobile frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in .Net Mobile. These interview questions and answers on Microsoft .Net Mobile will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Microsoft .Net Mobile job interview

1 Explain how to develop mobile applications using Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) or .NET Mobile?
2 Explain is development of a mobile web application with ASP.NET is very easy?
3 Explain the components required to develop mobile applications with .NET Mobile?
4 Explain how does .NET Mobile work?
5 Explain a .NET Mobile example with details?
6 Tell me .NET Mobile Emulators?
7 What is the difference between .Net Mobile Pages and ordinary .NET web page?
8 What is .Net Mobile automatic paging?
9 What is .Net Mobile Forms?
10 Explain .Net Mobile automatic paging?
11 Explain .NET Mobile Events?
12 Explain .NET Mobile SelectionList Control?
13 Can you explain <Mobile:Link> element .NET Mobile with example?
14 What are .NET Mobile controls features?
15 Explain .NET Mobile Input controls?
16 What is the numeric attribute of the textbox control in .NET Mobile?
17 What is .NET Mobile Lists. Explain with an example?
18 What is password attribute of the textbox control of .NET Mobile?
19 What is .NET Mobile Utility Controls. Explain with an example?
20 What is .NET Mobile Input Validation. Explain with an example?
21 Do you know TextBox and TextView controls of .NET Mobile?
22 What is .NET Mobile Images control. Explain with an example?

2012-08-15 04:00:15

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Re: .Net Mobile Interview Questions And Answers

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