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Oracle Security Interview Questions And Answers

Oracle Database :: Oracle Security  Job Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle Security frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Oracle Security. So get preparation for the Oracle Security job interview

1 How to enable automatic archiving?
2 Explain What are the steps to switch a databases archiving mode between NO ARCHIVELOG and ARCHIVELOG mode?
3 What are roles? How can we implement roles?
4 What are the minimum parameters should exist in the parameter file (init.ora)?
5 Tell me What are the database administrators utilities avaliable?
6 Can you explain What are the roles and user accounts created automatically with the database?
7 What are the main responsibilities of a Database Administrator?
8 Explain What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database spaces?
9 How to enforce security using stored procedures?
10 Tell me What is user Account in Oracle database?
11 What is a profile in Oracle Security?
12 What is Tablespace Quota in Oracle Security?
13 What is default tablespace in Oracle Security?
14 How to prevent unauthorized use of privileges granted to a Role?
15 What is meant by  physical order and  logical order inclustered index and non clustered index?
16 What is the step for rmanbackup?
17 Tell me What is different between view and sequence?
18 Explain What are the benefits of distributed options in databases?
19 Explain When will the data in the snapshot log be used?
20 Explain snapshot log?
21 Explain What are the options available to refresh snapshots?
22 How to Enforce Refrencial Integrity in snapshots?
23 What is dynamic data replication?
24 Differentiate the simple and complex, snapshots?
25 Do you know What are the various type of snapshots?
26 What is snapshots?
27 How to reduce the network traffic?
28 Explain What is the use of ANALYZE command?
29 How to specify the Archived log file name format and destination?

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