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Linux Commands Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: Linux Commands Job Interview Questions and Answers

Linux Commands job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Linux Commands and get preparation for the job of Linux Commands

1 Explain difference between nfs soft and hard mouniting points?
2 If we transfer 100 files by ftp to remote server, how to know the files are successfully transfer or some file are not transferred?
3 Explain any one service which are working on UDP only?
4 how many interfaces(ethernet cards) are working using single command?
5 What is the status code 403,404 represented in apache server?
6 How to monitor ports in a linux machine, with single command?
7 Explain Difference between swap partition and swap file?
8 How to recover /etc/passwd file and /etc/shadow file?
9 How to know linux os is 32 bit or 64 bit?
10 Suppose I lost a root password and i need to give it, I treid to change it through single usermode even though i am not get a password, then what is the other procedure to give a root password?
11 What are different command to check ram, process and hdd of linux machine?
12 What is lilo? How it is useful in linux?
13 What is the command to change from /etc/passwd file to /etc/shadow file?
14 What is the command to find the hardware configuration in Linux?
15 How to root mirror in Linux? How to replace mirrored hdd in case of failure?
16 What is the command to check wwn # in linux?
17 How to give acl permission in numerical mode on linux?
18 How to restart apache server with out shatdown?
19 What is chainloading?
20 How to hide the partition in GRUB booting?
21 How to shuffle the GRUB booting from one Disk to other?
22 What is the Difference between su and su- ?
23 What is vnc?

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2012-05-27 07:23:22

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Re: Linux Commands Interview Questions And Answers

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Re: Linux Commands Interview Questions And Answers

All these interview questions are helpful to crack a Linux based interview. I learned many new things about Linux after reading these points. Thanks for this informative post.

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Re: Linux Commands Interview Questions And Answers

Thanks for sharing. You can more read this here:

1)Give me 15 commands which you use frequently

Depends on the environment you work. Some examples are

mkdir — For creating folders( use -p option to create multiple folders at a time)
ls –List folders/files( check what ls -1 do)

top — To monitor system activities

lsof –To check whats happening on the server and which process open which file.

netstat -tcp –Gives you complete picture about network connection details.

vnstat –Gives you Network band width statics

sh –For running shell scripts

history –For monitoring the commands executed by users

cd –For changing directories

vi --For editing configuration files.

chmod –To change permissions of folders and files.

mount –For mounting formated partitions.

service –For start/restart/stop a service.

chkconfig –For permanent on/off a service.

fdisk -l –To list all the partitions

This is my own list, you can have your list.

2)Give me some commands for user management.

last, chage, chsh, lsof, chown, chmod, useradd, userdel, newusers.

103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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