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Implicit Assumptions:

Education Quizzes Logical Reasoning

In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer

(A) If only assumption I is implicit
(B) If only assumption II is implicit
(C) If either I or II is implicit
(D) If neither I nor II is implicit
(E) If both I and II are implicit.

Statement: Highly brilliant and industrious students do not always excel in the written examination.


The written examination is good mainly for mediocre students.
The brilliant and industrious students cannot always write good answers in the exam

Option A):
Neither I nor II is implicit
Option B):
Either I or II is implicit
Option C):
Only assumption II is implicit
Option D):
Only assumption I is implicit

Correct Answer is Option C):
Only assumption II is implicit

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2015-09-24 04:20:47

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Re: Implicit Assumptions:

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