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DAE Knitting Engineers Interview Questions And Answers

Engineering :: DAE Knitting Engineers Job Interview Questions and Answers

DAE Knitting Engineers Frequently Asked Questions in various DAE Knitting Engineers job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

1 Explain weaving?
2 Explain knitting?
3 Tell me how many sets of yarn are used in knitting?
4 Is sizing required in knitted fabric?
5 List down the types/ classification of knitting?
6 Is yarn preparation is needed in knitting?
7 Tell me how many sets of yarn are used in weaving?
8 Is knitting fabric produce by inter looping?
9 Tell me in which knitting, a fabric is produce by single yarn?
10 Is weaving fabric produce by interlacing?
11 What is other name of warp yarn?
12 List down the loom driving system?
13 List down/ what are the different types of shed?
14 Normally tapped shedding mechanism produces square design (e.g. 4x4, 6x6, 7x7, etc.)  Yes or no?
15 Can we produce basic weave structures (i.e plain, twills satin) in tapped shedding?
16 Where the open shed is used?
17 Explain fabric?
18 Explain primary motion?
19 Explain secondary motion?
20 Explain tertiary motion?
21 Where bottom & center close shed are used?
22 Where the semi-open shed is used?
23 One shedding + one picking + one beating =?
24 Explain result of unequal shedding?
25 One picking tapped insert one pick?
26 What are maximum numbers of held frame controlling capacity in tapped shedding mechanism?
27 Dobby shedding mechanism can produce both square and rectangular size design?
28 Which types of design can be produced by Jacquard looms?
29 Which are maximum numbers of warp threads controlling capacity in Jacquard loom?
30 What materials form the base of the size?
31 Explain sizing?
32 List the types of loom?
33 List the types of power loom?
34 Explain picking?
35 Actual production of a m/c is always less than that calculated production?
36 Explain object of beat-up mechanism?
37 Explain function of take-up mechanism?
38 Explain pick spacing?
39 Explain let-off mechanism?
40 Explain basic weave structures?
41 List down/Classify the types of sett?
42 Explain weave?
43 Explain warp & weft crimp?
44 Explain face loop?
45 Explain back loop?
46 List the basic knitted structure?
47 List down the weft knitting elements?
48 List down the types of needle?
49 List some abbreviations?
50 Write down the faults of picking?
51 List down/what are the types of shedding mechanism?
52 Explain shedding?

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2015-09-16 04:05:03

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