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IBM MainFrame Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: IBM MainFrame Job Interview Questions and Answers

IBM MainFrame frequently Asked Questions in various IBM MainFrame job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of IBM MainFrame job interview

1 How to fetch even records from one file to another file by using ICETOOL in JCL?
2 File1 has 100 records and file2 has 200 records i want to copy 50 records which r in both file into file3?
3 What is use of linkage section?
4 What is difference between comp and comp-3?
5 How do define Dynamic array in COBOL how do u define single dimensional array and multidimensional array in your COBOL?
6 How To get the last record in VSAM file in cluster? And How can u get the ksds file records into ur COBOL program? Please tell me about these two questions.?
7 Tell about How do u eliminate the duplicates?
8 What is difference b/w file-aid tool and file-aid utility?
9 How to override a dsn that is contained in a proc called by another proc? I need to do the override in the calling JCL?
10 if a pic 9(3) value 354,b pic x(2) value 46 thena)a>b2)a<b3)error
11 Suppose oza017.myorg.emp has 100 records ,oza018.myorg.staff has 200 records but 50 are the common records in both files copy all the common records into dataset?
12 A job has 150 steps i want to execute only 57th step?
13 A job has 90 steps i want to execute only step7 and step15?
15 What are the parameter we cannot use in procedure? How many instream we can write in single jcl? Can we call instream to catalog and catalog to instream?
16 While creating a table, by mistake you have given size of one field as 10. But as per requirement size should be 8. What is your next step?
17 Suppose I have two tables A and B. Both tables are connected with SSN number as foreign key. I want to retrieve a column data from B table. How will you write a query?
18 How can we increment subscript and index?
19 We have an output dataset in job with disp parameter as SHR. Can we write data in that file dataset?
20 select distinct(empid),distinct(dept),namefrom EMPwill the above query work?
21 How to handle -911 (deadlock) error in a db2 program so that the program will never abend?
22 Suppose I have 1000 rows in a db2 table. I want to update first 100 records, How do I do it?
23 Can 88 level variable be declared in FD section?
24 How would find total records in files using seqientional?
25 What is label record is standard or omitted in file description of data division?
26 i need the code for this program in cobol.2+1=34+3=76+5=118+7=1510+9=19

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Re: IBM MainFrame Interview Questions And Answers

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