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IBM RPG400 Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: IBM RPG400 Job Interview Questions and Answers

IBM RPG400 frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in IBM RPG400. So get preparation for the IBM RPG400 job interview

1 What is importance of MAPFLD IN OPNQRYF FILE?
2 How can we know running job is batch or interactive?
3 Need a sql query: retrieve all duplicate records in table?
5 If my rpg program has a date field, What extra care I have to take while compiling that RPG program?If the file is keyed and I have declared the file as well as Key list properly in my program. Still am getting an error message like "Chain/reade operation is not allowed" What may be the case?
6 Suppose my file has 10 fields and I want to make the 2nd field Zeros in all records. And assume I have millions of records and I dont want to read each record and update the desired field with 0. Any other way to do this in one step operation?
7 Assume my file has 100 records and I want to see only first 10 records. Is this possible through LF?
8 Suppose I have 3 jobs A B and C. I want to submit B after successful completion of A and want to submit C after successful completion of B. Without using job scheduler or job queue, how can i do that through CL program?
9 What is difference between Bind by copy and bind by reference?
10 Why we cannot call a service program? If I add a PEP can i call the service program?
11 What are the types of identifiers?
12 What is file identifier where we can use?
13 Explain MDT?
14 How can we override a file during runtime in RPG? Without using OVRDBF or calling a CL program?
15 What is the length of Signature?
16 We have job which is running as batch. it takes atleast 06hours to complete tht job. bu i wanna do tht job with in 3hours?
17 How can we search particular records from the database file in RPG. For example, there are 100 records in the  file.i need to retrieve all the records matching/equal to the particular NAME field. How can we do the above using SEARCH criteria other than using the IF cond?
18 What is the difference between ITER and DO ? I know both are used to execute set of statements repeatedly, but what is the main difference?
19 Errors in Sql query will be in which state?
20 This is rpg3 code W0RTN     IFEQ @CN,002    What is the means @CN,002?

2012-03-28 09:20:42

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Re: IBM RPG400 Interview Questions And Answers

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