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Network Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Software Testing :: Network Testing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Network Testing Interview Questions and Answers will guide you now that how to test a network performance, this section will help you to get preparation for any Network Testing related job, so start learning about the Network Testing with the help of this Network Testing Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 Users are complaining of delays when using a network. What would you do?
2 What does the Clean Access Agent do?
3 Combine TCP/IP traffic and SNA traffic?
4 What does Clean Access Agent look at?
5 What are the common issues occurs in Network testing?
6 What anti-virus software is required?
7 How to obtain Network ID?
8 How to download Cisco Clean Access?

2012-03-28 06:26:33

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Re: Network Testing Interview Questions And Answers

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