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53 Most Common Medical laboratory Interview Questions And Answers

Medical Science :: Medical laboratory Job Interview Questions and Answers

Medical laboratory Frequently Asked Questions in various Medical laboratory job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 What is adnexal?
2 What is caseous?
3 What is cyanosis?
4 What is epidemiology?
5 What is infarction?
6 What is acromegaly?
7 What is biopsy?
8 What is fragile X Syndrome?
9 What is achalasia?
10 What is creatine kinase?
11 What is ectasia?
12 What is granuloma?
13 What is ecchymosis?
14 What is CIN?
15 What is amine?
16 Tell me what is adhesion?
17 What is congestion?
18 What is fibrillation?
19 What is acute Myelocytic Leukemia?
20 What is bronchiectasis?
21 Explain me what is amino acid(s)?
22 What is endoscope?
23 What is acute Phase Reactant?
24 What is DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)?
25 What is half-life?
26 What is anticoagulant?
27 What is effusion?
28 What is CIS?
29 What is electrolyte?
30 What is liqefactive necrosis?
31 What is calibrate?
32 What is carbuncle?
33 What is doping?
34 What is bronchoscope?
35 What is exudate?
36 What is Acidosis?
37 What is cytokine?
38 What is auer Bodies?
39 What is jaundice?
40 What is differentiation?
41 What is CT (computerized tomograph)?
42 What is hamartoma?
43 What is amyloid?
44 What is karyorrhexis?
45 What is chronic?
46 Explain me what is acid?
47 What is  DES?
48 What is iatrogenic?
49 What is basophil?
50 What is diverticulitis?
51 What is fibrinoid?
52 What is BUN - blood urea nitrogen?
53 What is androgens?

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