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53 Most Common Gynecologist Interview Questions And Answers

Medical Science :: Gynecologist Job Interview Questions and Answers

Gynecologist Frequently Asked Questions in various Gynecologist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 Tell us is Some Bleeding Normal When Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy?
2 Tell us in Scanning Report Of My Wife At Gender Column It Is Written As Iii, What Is The Meaning?
3 Tell us what qualities should a resident medical officer posses? Which ones do you have and which ones do you lack?
4 Please explain have you ever participated in patient education?
5 Do you know what Is Azathioprine?
6 Tell us can Medication Is Known To Cause Hypokalaemia?
7 Tell us what Medications Are Acceptable During Pregnancy?
8 Explain me is It Possible To Have A Polyp In The Uterus?
9 Suppose A 35 Year Old Woman Has Been Listed For Hysteroscopy. What Are The Indications For Hysteroscopy In A Woman Of This Age?
10 Explain me a situation where you displayed teamwork?
11 Tell us what has been your most stressful experience? How did you cope with it?
12 Tell me what has been one of the most difficult cases you've worked with?
13 If I Am Patient Of Acid Reflux, How Can I Get Rid Off?
14 Please explain what Are The Testing Options Available For Assessing The Risk Of Down’s Syndrome?
15 Explain me is Irregular Bleeding Common When Starting A New Birth Control Pill?
16 Do you know what Is The Most Effective Form Of Birth Control?
17 Tell us you are covering the obstetrics and gynaecology wards one evening and a 35 year old female patient who had a caesarian section 2 days ago is now presenting with severe shortness of breath and chest pain. What is your approach?
18 Suppose patient Feeling Randomly Sick With Headaches. What Could It Be?
19 If Patient Having Chronic Neck Pain For 4 Days. Medication And Rmt Massage Have Done Nothing, Pain Is 10/10 Now. What Could It Be?
20 Explain me should I Continue To Have A Pelvic Exam Each Year If I Have Had A Hysterectomy?
21 If Patient Have Unbearable Neck To Shoulder Pain Only While On His Period. What Could It Be?
22 Explain a time when you were able to console an emotional patient. How did you do it?
23 Suppose a patient has been experiencing abdominal pain after getting a Nexplanon implant. How do you proceed?
24 Suppose A 34 Year Old Woman Is Found To Have A Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy At 12 Weeks Gestation In Her First Pregnancy. She Requests Information On The Antenatal Risks To Her And Her Fetuses And Their Management. How Would You Counsel Her?
25 Suppose 35 Year Old Woman Is Thought To Have A Vesico-vaginal Fistula. What Are The Main Causes Of Vesico-vaginal Fistulas?
26 Tell us how Would You Assess And Treat A 52 Year Old Woman Who Complains Of Heavy Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding?
27 Suppose a 14year Old Woman Attends With Her Mother Because She Has Not Started Menstruating. Outline Your Initial Assessment?
28 Tell me have you ever disagreed with a doctor about a patient’s care plan? What did you do?
29 Explain me why Do In Some Cases Patients Feel Chest, Neck And Hands Flush?
30 Tell me is There A Screening Test For Ovarian Cancer?
31 Explain me a situation where there was conflict between yourself and another member of a team?
32 Explain me have you had experience diagnosing and treating postpartum depression?
33 Tell us how do you balance medical needs and emotional needs?
34 Tell me what Are The Side-effects Of Magnesium Sulphate Therapy?
35 If A Patient Have Abnormal Blood On His Underwear How You Deal?
36 Tell me is There An Ovarian Tumor With Hair And Teeth?
37 Tell us who Is A Specialists Doctor?
38 Can you explain me how Doctor Treat Patients?
39 Explain me what Is Bendroflumethiazide?
40 Can you explain me what Are The Parameters Of Life-threatening Asthma?
41 Explain me a situation where you displayed effective communication skills?
42 Tell me what do you do to stay current with medical findings and practices?
43 Explain me how Communication Skills Help Patient?
44 Tell us can An Ovarian Cyst Be Normal?
45 Explain me what Is C-reactive Protein?
46 Tell us what is your favorite area of women's healthcare to work in?
47 Do you know what Is Anti-histone Antibody?
48 Do you know what Is Venous Thrombosis?
49 Suppose a 35 Year Second Gravida With Single Umbilical Artery And Ctev (club Foot)?
50 Tell me what Are Fibroids?
51 Tell us what Is Terbutaline 10 Mg Nebulised?
52 Tell me why Doctors Should Learn Communication Skills?
53 Explain me what Is Ceftriaxone?

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