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40 Most Common Chemist Assistant Interview Questions And Answers

Medical Science :: Chemist Assistant Job Interview Questions and Answers

Chemist Assistant related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Chemist Assistant. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Explain me what new developments in chemistry excite you the most?
2 Explain me about your chemistry research?
3 As you know ABC Chemists puts customer service first. How do you ensure that you always put the customers' needs first?
4 Tell us how would you handle a problematic customer?
5 Please tell me how would your friends describe you?
6 Tell us what is the significance of confidentiality in your profession?
7 Tell me what problematic situations can occur in a pharmacy?
8 Please explain what qualities make you the best candidate for this position?
9 Can you tell me some thing about you know about our company?
10 Tell us why do you want this position?
11 Please explain why do you want to become a pharmacist?
12 Suppose a customer returns to the pharmacy with a bottle of prescription medication that is partially used and says it doesn't work. How would you address the issue?
13 Fresh Chemist Assistant Job Interview Questions:
14 Basic Chemist Assistant Job Interview Questions:
15 Professional Chemist Assistant Job Interview Questions:
16 Tell us what study subject did you like the most? What subjects did you struggle with?
17 As you know this position requires a flexible schedule as we are open evenings, weekends, and most holidays. Are you able to commit to these hours?
18 As you know we have a strong employee honesty program in place at ABC Chemists to prevent loss. What would you do if you discovered that a co-worker was stealing product or money?
19 Explain me what was your favorite subject while in school? What subject did you struggle with most?
20 Suppose you're out of stock on medication for a customer who is extremely difficult. How would you explain the situation to the patient?
21 Tell me have you learned any new skills over the last year?
22 Tell me at ABC Chemists we have a very clear return policy. How would you handle a customer who was arguing with you about a potential return?
23 Tell me two of your technicians aren't getting along, and customers are starting to notice. How you do handle the situation?
24 Explain me what do you think is the most important business aspect of being a pharmacist?
25 Tell me why did you want to become a chemist?
26 Tell us what do you know about ABC Chemists? Why do you want to work for us?
27 Tell us what is your greatest weakness as Chemist Assistant?
28 Explain me how do you handle daily workplace stress?
29 Suppose a customer asks about an over-the-counter medication you've never heard of before. How would you handle this situation?
30 Explain me where can you improve to become a better chemist?
31 Tell us what part of your job do you enjoy the most?
32 Tell us what duties a pharmacy technician is required to carry out?
33 Explain me are you good at time management?
34 Tell us how will your references describe you?
35 Can you tell me how would you deal with a difficult customer?
36 Tell us do you work well with a team?
37 Explain me how do you keep yourself up-to-date with your practice?
38 Explain me how long do you see yourself working as a chemist?
39 Tell us how do you respond to deadlines?
40 Tell us what is the impact of the Francis report* on pharmacy?

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