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70 Most Common Online Advertising Interview Questions And Answers

Marketing Techniques :: Online Advertising Job Interview Questions and Answers

Online Advertising related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Online Advertising. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 What is inbound Marketing?
2 What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?
3 Do you know what is Google AdWords Remarketing?
4 Explain me how will you rate yourself on the scale of 1 to 10, based on your Digital Marketing knowledge?
5 Please explain what Is Advertising?
6 Tell me how Would You Choose The Best Media To Promote Your Advertisement?
7 Can you state The Difference Between Advertisement And Publicity?
8 Tell us what Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising?
9 Tell us how Does One Come Up With Professionally Made Marketing Materials?
10 Please explain what Is A Press Release?
11 Tell me what Kinds Of Penalties Are Involved Against A Company That Runs A Deceptive Ad?
12 Do you know how Disclaimer And Disclosure Does Work Online?
13 Explain me how would you define Digital Marketing?
14 Tell me what do you mean by a responsive website?
15 Tell us do you know some useful Digital Marketing tools?
16 Tell us do you think that Digital Marketing will completely replace traditional marketing practices in near future?
17 Tell us how would you approach budgeting for marketing expenses?
18 Tell me how will your experience benefit our Digital Marketing business?
19 Tell me what Would You Do If You Run Out Of Ideas For A New Ad?
20 Do you know what Is The “google Click Fraud”?
21 Tell us what Is The Main Cause For Advertisement To Be Deceptive?
22 Explain me why Has Online Marketing Defeated its Traditional Counterpart?
23 Explain me why is online marketing increasingly preferred over offline marketing?
24 As you know we wish to engage more of our target audience through Facebook (or any social media platform). How would you go about that?
25 Explain me what Are The Various Media Available For Advertising Today? Which Of Them Is Most Successful In Your Opinion And Why?
26 Tell us how Effective Is Online Advertising? Which Type Of Products Should Be Advertised Online?
27 As you know in Marketing, How Does Communication Work To The Customer? Can You Describe Briefly The Various Modes Of Communication Of A Leading Consumer Finance Company?
28 Tell us what Are The Major Steps In Developing An Effective Marketing Program? Can You Develop A Communication Program For A Television Company For The Indian Market? How Effective Are Road Shows?
29 Explain me what Are The Advantages Of Franchising A Restaurant?
30 Tell us which Ever Company Has Offered A Money Back Guarantee, Very Few People In The Market Claim Back. Should We Still Have The Proof To Support Company’s Advertising Claims?
31 Explain me when A Company Distributes The Catalog Of Products Manufactured By Other Companies, What Will Be The Main Responsibility To Ensure The Accuracy Of The Content Mentioned In The Catalog?
32 Explain me are you aware about AMP?
33 Do you know the number of likes/follows vs engagement numbers. Which one is important?
34 Tell us what Are The Various Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of An Advertising Campaign?
35 Explain me what Proportion Will You Adopt While Making Allotments To Advertisements And Promotions From The Total Budget For Marketing?
36 Tell us has Google Ever Incorporated In-game Advertising Into Its Ads Services Before Approaching Adscape Media?
37 Explain me what Is The Truth Involved In Advertising Rules Which Applies To Advertisers?
38 Tell us what Are The Evidences One Should Hold For The Claims They Get On The Ads They Put Up?
39 Tell me are There Any Limits On Ads For Alcoholic Beverages Can Run And How They Can Exhibit?
40 Explain me what Is The Purpose Of Vrrp?
41 Tell us what Do You Mean By Reach And Frequency? Do You Think These Factors Are Inversely Proportional In A Given Budget? Why?
42 Explain me what Factors Would You Consider To Decide The Target Audience Of Your Ad?
43 Tell us how Can You Launch A Marketing Campaign On A Shoestring Budget?
44 Explain me what Is A News Article?
45 Explain me as A Marketing Manager Of An Insurance Company. How Do You Go About Designing An Effective Communication Program For Your Company?
46 Tell me is there anything we are doing wrong right now? How would you change it?
47 Tell us what is the most effective way to increase traffic to a website?
48 Please explain is Advertising The Only Way To Entice A Target Market Towards Product?
49 Tell me in what ways can you categorize the term Digital Marketing?
50 Explain me what are the limitations of Online Marketing?
51 Explain me what Qualities Does A Person Need To Be Successful In The Field Of Advertising?
52 Explain me how Would You Involve In Yourself In A Book Club?
53 Please explain what Do You Know About Internet Advertising?
54 Tell us how Would You Design And Promote An Advertising Campaign?
55 Explain me how do you stay updated with news and latest Digital Marketing trends?
56 Tell us do you know the difference between branding and direct marketing?
57 Explain what Do You If You Run Out Of Ideas For New Ad?
58 Tell us what attracted you to Digital Marketing industry?
59 Tell us in Advertising When Is Pricing Used To Influence The Customer?
60 Tell us how Important Disclaimer Or Disclosure Does Should Be In Ads?
61 Explain me how would you setup, track, and analyze if a campaign was a success?
62 Do you know what Is Photo Editing?
63 Tell us what Do You Understand By Advertising?
64 Explain me what Is Different Between Advertisements And Sales?
65 What is Unfair Ad?
66 What is outbound Marketing?
67 Tell me what Do You Understand By Surrogate Advertising?
68 Tell us how Can You Use Word-of-mouth As A Marketing Tool?
69 Explain me what Makes An Advertisement Unfair?
70 What is Deceptive Ad?

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