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57 Most Common Manager Call Center Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: Manager Call Center Job Interview Questions and Answers

Manager Call Center Frequently Asked Questions in various Manager Call Center job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 Please explain what is your preferred management style?
2 Explain me what solutions have you employed in response to customer service problems you identified?
3 Tell us what sort of issues you expect to handle as a manager and how you’d do it?
4 Where do you see yourself in 5 years as Manager Call Center?
5 Explain me how would you manage your time and objectives in your role?
6 Explain me why did you leave your last position as Manager Call Center?
7 Can you tell us how many calls per hour can you make on an average campaign?
8 Tell us why do you want to work for us as a customer service advisor?
9 Explain me are you able to cope well under pressure?
10 Tell us what do you consider the core criteria for a successful customer service department?
11 Explain me an example of how you have managed an under-performing staff member?
12 Tell us what did you learn about customer service from your bad interaction?
13 Can you tell us about a time when you had to handle a difficult customer?
14 Explain me how do you ensure that the goals of your team are in line with the overall company goals?
15 Explain me how did you recognize the level of trust or respect your team held for you and how did you ensure this continued?
16 Can you tell us what do you do if the dialer puts a Do Not Call number through to you by mistake?
17 Please explain how do you feel about meeting goals and targets?
18 Explain me do you prefer working on one account, or can you comfortably work on several at the same time?
19 Explain how do you handle a customer who starts yelling at you as soon as they pick up and  find out that you are a telemarketer?
20 Tell me how have you educated your frontline agents to ensure excellent customer feedback?
21 Can you please explain how creative are you in comparison to your colleagues, i.e. in managing, developing, encouraging and motivating your team?
22 Can you explain me about a customer service policy that you have developed and implemented?
23 Please explain what metrics do you consider the most important factor in measuring customer satisfaction?
24 Tell me how do you identify an agent’s strengths? Weaknesses? How would you use this information?
25 Top 12 Manager Call Center Job Interview Questions:
26 Basic Manager Call Center Job Interview Questions:
27 Explain me how would you deal with a customer that is having a well-known issue with the product or service that you provide?
28 Tell us how would you measure the success of you and your team over a 3-, 6- and 12-month period?
29 Explain me do you enjoy communicating with people?
30 Explain me how have you utilised customer complaint feedback to improve how your team are selling?
31 Explain me how do you handle clients with unreasonable demands? Provide examples?
32 Explain about the cost efficiencies you introduced in your last job?
33 Please explain how have you motivated your team to achieve demanding performance standards?
34 Tell us a time when you successfully navigated a disagreement with a coworker?
35 Can you tell us how often do you challenge the way your current company does things or challenge something that you feel needs to change?
36 Tell me what are your goals as a telemarketer?
37 Tell us how would you handle an angry call from a customer?
38 Explain me how do you make sure you meet your targets?
39 Please explain have you ever had conflict with your team leader or manager?
40 Tell us what do you like to do for fun?
41 Tell us have you ever improved a process or solved an operational issue? How did you do it? What impact did it have?
42 Explain what have you done to improve work processes in the customer service division?
43 Can you tell us what have you done to promote great customer service?
44 Explain me how would you tell a customer something that they will not like?
45 Explain how would your customer service team describe you as a manager?
46 Please explain about the toughest decision you had to make in the last 6 months?
47 Explain me what are your strengths and weaknesses as Manager Call Center?
48 Tell us how would you deal with an irate customer on the phone?
49 Can you tell me how do you measure the success of your incentives?
50 Tell us how have you used data to improve the level of customer service?
51 Tell me do you have any experience in a call centre?
52 Explain why are you leaving your current role as Manager Call Center?
53 Tell us can you multi-task? typing while talking, for example?
54 Explain me what about the job description enticed you to apply?
55 Please explain how would you handle a high pressure environment?
56 Can you tell me are you able to work with multiple phone lines?
57 Can you tell us about a time where you received constructive criticism?

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