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24 Most Common Fork Operator Interview Questions And Answers

Logistics :: Fork Operator Job Interview Questions and Answers

Fork Operator related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Fork Operator. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 The forklift load chart shows a rating of 2220 kg at a 600 mm load centre. What does this mean?         A.    That the forklift will safely lift any weight up to 2220 kg  B.    That the forklift will safely lift up to 2220 kg provided that the center of gravity of the load is not more than 600 mm forward from the face (heel) of the forks  C.    That the forklift will only safely lift up to 2220 kg if the load measures more than 1200 mm in length.
2 Explain me when should I replace my forklift?
3 Tell us what is the definition of a powered industrial truck?
4 Tell us do you need any specialised forklift training?
5 Do you know who should conduct the training?
6 Explain me how should I know which forklift I need?
7 Tell us what should an operator do when operating the forklift truck?
8 Tell us what is a forklift?
9 What procedure do you follow when the load on your forklift obscures your view in front?         A.    Dismount, check that the way is clear, then drive slowly forward sounding the horn.  B.    Travel in reverse looking in the direction of travel.  C.    Raise the load so that you can see under it.
11 Do you know how long are forklift qualifications valid for?
12 Tell us what should an operator not do when operating a forklift truck?
13 Do you know how often does the fire extinguisher on the forklift have to be inspected?
14 Tell us does OSHA provide training to my truck operators?
15 Tell me what attachments can I add to my forklift?
16 Do you know when are wheel chocks required?
17 Tell me do I have to train all employees in my workplace?
18 How much experience do you have as Fork Operator?
19 Do you know who can operate the forklift?
20 Tell us how can I buy a forklift?
21 Tell us what types of industries are covered by the standard?
22 Tell us are there any times when a driver does not have to wear a seatbelt?
23 Tell us does OSHA provide a list of topics to include in my training program?
24 Tell me how often does my forklift need maintenance?

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