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60 Most Common Commercial Driver Interview Questions And Answers

Logistics :: Commercial Driver Job Interview Questions and Answers

Commercial Driver related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Commercial Driver. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Please explain how do you react when another motorist does something you deem to be stupid?
2 Tell us what made you want to become a truck driver?
3 Tell us is layover pay offered?
4 Tell us if not, how are lumper issues handled?
5 Tell us what do you think are the primary duties of a truck driver?
6 Explain me do you think there is any importance of teamwork in this profession?
7 Do you know motorways Must Not Be Used By:
8 Tell us your professional driving experience. Explain any special licenses, accidents, violations, etc.?
9 Tell us what will our company gain by hiring you as a driver?
10 How do you handle stress as Commercial Driver?
11 Explain me what benefits are offered?
12 Tell me is commercial truck insurance paid by the driver or by the company?
13 Explain is loading/unloading the responsibility of the driver?
14 Tell us what are the safety standards of the company?
15 Tell us how would you describe your driving record?
16 Tell us when Taking A Medicine Prescribed By Your Doctor, Who Is Responsible For Deciding If You Can Drive Or Not?
17 Explain me what is the longest haul you have managed in your career?
18 Tell us are there advancement opportunities?
19 Tell me what is the chain of command for drivers?
20 Tell me what are your main routes/hauls?
21 Explain what are your plans for your career path?
22 Basic Commercial Driver Job Interview Questions:
23 Tell us have you ever experienced a major problem with a shipment? What did you tell the customer? How did you fix it?
24 Tell us how many tries did it take you to obtain your CDL?
25 Tell me what would you do if a customer asks you a delivery favor? Suppose they ask you to deliver a package somewhere on your way, what would you do?
26 Explain me does traffic congestion stress you out? How do you handle it?
27 Explain how you’ve handled a breakdown or setback?
28 Suppose if you pay by the mile, is mileage calculated by hub miles, dispatched miles, loaded miles, or a computer program?
29 Tell me what is your availability for this position?
30 Tell me is pay based on a per-mile rate or an hourly rate?
31 Explain me how is performance/progress assessed?
32 Tell us have you ever missed a deadline? Why and how did you handle it?
33 Tell us when are new hires eligible for benefits?
34 Tell me are there days and weeks where mileage is significantly lower or higher?
35 Tell us did any customer ever file a complaint against you?
36 Tell us how do you plan your route? How do you ensure you remain alert and safe on the road?
37 Tell me what kind of training is provided by the company?
38 As you know the trucking business is all about meeting deadlines, especially where deliveries are concerned. How do you make sure that you meet deadlines?
39 Tell me can you perform manual labor tasks?
40 Tell me how have you handled unexpected instances (such as mechanical breakdowns)?
41 Tell us how easy is it to contact my manager for help or concerns?
42 Tell me if so, how is payment made?
43 Tell me your Ability To Drive Safely Depends On:
44 Tell us what do you know about the paperwork involved in the trucking business?
45 Tell us how many miles are available on a weekly/monthly basis?
46 Tell us what type of equipment will I use?
47 Tell us what challenges have you faced and overcome?
48 Tell us what is the rider policy for pets, family members, and friends?
49 Explain me what expenses does the company cover?
50 Tell us what would you do if one of your co-workers is misusing the company’s truck?
51 Explain me how often are drivers assessed and how often will I receive feedback?
52 Tell me when are new drivers eligible for time off accrual/usage?
53 Tell me how do you stay motivated?
54 Tell me how often are trucks maintained/upgraded/replaced?
55 Tell us what are your views on driving safety?
56 Explain me does the company provide paid time off?
57 Please explain what is your objective as a truck driver?
58 Do you know what is the fueling policy?
59 Tell me are dedicated runs an option for drivers with seniority?
60 What are your strengths as Commercial Driver?

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