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50 Most Common Cleaner Interview Questions And Answers

Labour :: Cleaner Job Interview Questions and Answers

Cleaner based Frequently Asked Questions in various Cleaner job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

1 Explain me do you have experience working with chemical cleaners?
2 Tell us what kind of cleaning equipment are you familiar with?
3 Can you explain me are you happy with your career-to-date?
4 Tell me what is your greatest accomplishment as Cleaner?
5 Why do you want to work for us as Cleaner?
6 Please explain do you possess the patience to deal with the public at times of cleaning?
7 Explain me may I know the reason for leaving your last job?
8 Tell us did you ever quit a job? Why?
9 Can you tell me what have your achievements been to date?
10 What are your strong points as Cleaner?
11 Can you tell us will it be ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?
12 Tell me what would you do, when you have cleaned a place and some kids or people ruin it again?
13 Please explain what are your long-term career goals?
14 Explain me what are some of the qualities that make you a good candidate for this position?
15 Tell us how would your co-workers describe you as Cleaner?
16 Can you tell us what do you dislike about your present job?
17 Basic Job Interview Questions as Cleaner:
18 Fresh Cleaner Job Interview Questions:
19 Professional Job Interview Questions as Cleaner:
20 Can you explain us what is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
21 Tell us what kind of behavior from others irritates you most and how do you handle it?
22 Explain me what have you done in order to enhance your knowledge associated with janitor job role?
23 Tell us how often do you think that cleaning equipments must be cleaned and utilized?
24 Tell us would you describe a typical day in your current job as Cleaner?
25 Explain me why do you think you are suitable and better candidate for this position?
26 Explain me how would you keep yourself boosted by performing repeated cleaning tasks?
27 Explain me what is the assurance that you would perform well in this job?
28 Can you please tell me what do you know about our company?
29 Explain me have you ever taken out the trash and cleared snow? What methods do use for these?
30 How much do you think this position pays as Cleaner?
31 Tell us what was the reason for applying for this job?
32 Tell me how do you know that you were successful in your janitorial job?
33 Can you tell us do you possess any professional janitor experience?
34 Explain me what have you learned from your mistakes as Cleaner?
35 Tell us how do you react when somebody criticizes you?
36 Explain me would you be able to lift heavy things and stand for a long time?
37 Tell me your worst experience that happened in your janitor job?
38 Explain me are you comfortable in working independently or in a group?
39 What are your weak points as Cleaner?
40 Tell us how would you handle a situation where your client uses abusive language?
41 Tell us how would you handle yourself under pressure and stress?
42 Can you please explain why do you want to leave your current employer?
43 Explain me something you have done beyond your duty level?
44 Tell us what are the job tasks for a janitor?
45 Tell us what do you think is rewarding in this job role?
46 What salary do you expect as Cleaner?
47 Can you explain what do you like about your present job?
48 Can you tell me about yourself?
49 Tell me are there any questions you want to ask?
50 Tell us what do you think is your biggest strength?

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