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45 Most Common IT Consultant Interview Questions And Answers

Information Technology (IT) :: IT Consultant Job Interview Questions and Answers

IT Consultant Frequently Asked Questions in various IT Consultant job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 Tell us what is the key thing about you that can give you an edge over other contenders of this position?
2 Tell us what would you include in a computer system analyst document?
3 Tell us how has your attention to detail identified a critical risk?
4 Tell me examples of how your proactive behavior benefited past projects?
5 Tell us what technology-related blogs, podcasts or websites do you follow? Do you share any information online?
6 Tell us what is your approach to hiring/growing a technology team?
7 Explain me what do you feel is most important for IT, enablement or innovation?
8 Tell us do you get bored easily?
9 Tell us how Is Success Measured in This Role?
10 Tell us how do you manage triple constraints?
11 Explain me how do you balance between getting into technical details versus delegating?
12 Tell us you’ve just been assigned to a project involving a new technology. How would you get started?
13 Tell us which metrics did you use to measure the progress of your last three projects?
14 Tell us how have you managed a risk where the remedy was not immediately available?
15 Explain me which processors would you recommend for a company doing data-intensive work?
16 Explain me a time when you made a mistake in your duties. How did you remedy the situation?
17 Explain me which communication challenges did you encounter during previous projects, and how did you overcome them?
18 Please explain about a recent project or process that you made better, faster, smarter or more efficient?
19 Explain me what Are Some of the Challenges Someone in This Role Will Face?
20 Explain me what are two or three major trends affecting the IT industry and how do you see them affecting the profession?
21 Can you explain me about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted at work, such as a project that failed or being passed over for a promotion?
22 Basic IT Consultant Job Interview Questions:
23 Tell us how have Cyber Security breaches evolved in the past 2 years?
24 Tell us how would you adapt to a client's business needs?
25 Explain me how would you make staff aware of a complex technical issue that poses a risk?
26 Tell us what three character traits would your friends use to describe you?
27 Explain me what is the role you feel technology plays in our industry?
28 Tell us what are your approaches to managing technology change?
29 Tell us what Should the Person in This Role Accomplish in the First Year?
30 Do you know what are the five V’s of Big Data?
31 Suppose a user has trouble understanding what it is he's doing wrong. What do you do?
32 Tell us what methods do you follow when you have identified a risk to the network?
33 Explain me what are your favorite and least favorite technology products, and why?
34 Do you know about the Company Culture?
35 Tell us what is the most innovative change you have brought to a company's IT operations?
36 Do you know what is the process of sub-netting?
37 Tell us what is your approach to prioritizing projects?
38 Explain me what is your experience with cloud enablement?
39 Explain me what, in your opinion, is the most important quality in an IT Consultant?
40 As you know iT is an ever-evolving field. How do you keep up with it?
41 Can you explain me how do you keep your technology skills current?
42 Tell us how did you keep your team motivated during past projects?
43 Tell us what is your experience working with vendors?
44 Explain me how did you close your last three projects?
45 Explain your troubleshooting process. Which factors are most important?

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