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75 Most Common Female HR Executive Interview Questions And Answers

Human Resource (HR) :: Female HR Executive Job Interview Questions and Answers

Female HR Executive based Frequently Asked Questions in various Female HR Executive job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

1 Tell us who you are. or Tell me about your background?
2 Explain me do you have any serious medical issues?
3 Explain me what is your ideal company or workplace?
4 Tell us how quickly do you adapt to new technology?
5 Can you explain me what motivates you?
6 Explain me are you an organized person?
7 Tell us what makes you happy?
8 Explain me do you know anyone who works for us?
9 Tell us what is it about human resources that interest you?
10 Can you explain what do you dislike about your present job?
11 Tell us can you work under pressure?
12 Tell us how you feel, if your superior or head would be younger to you?
13 Tell us something about yourself in brief?
14 Tell us have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that?
15 Please explain on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate yourself as a leader?
16 Explain me what has been your greatest failure?
17 Tell us how long do you think you will work for us after we hire you?
18 Tell us what will your references say?
19 Tell us whom you mentioned as reference in your resume, do mind If I contact your previous employer?
20 Tell us you have not done your PG yet. This is not a drawback, but don’t you think you should get a PG degree asap?
21 Tell us what is the most difficult thing that you’ve ever accomplished? or What is the most difficult thing you have ever done?
22 Explain me an example of a time you had to respond to an unhappy manager/ customer/ colleague/ professor/ friend?
23 Explain me how do you respond to change?
24 Explain me what are the three things that are most important for you in a job?
25 Explain me about a time in your recent past when you've had to handle confidential information?
26 Explain me what do you believe is the role of the HR department in relation to the mission, vision, and strategies of the business?
27 Tell us what is most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
28 Explain me why have you changed so many jobs?
29 Suppose if you got a chance to change something in yourself, then what will you change?
30 Suppose if I call up your current or previous reporting manager now, what will be their opinion about you? What will they say that you need to work on?
31 Tell us where do you see yourself 3 years from now? or Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
32 Tell us what are your future goals? Tell me about your short term and long-term goals?
33 Tell us why do you want to work for us or our company? or Why do you want this job?
34 Tell us when have you helped an employee deal with a problem that was affecting them at work?
35 Tell us how would you approach a workplace dispute involving a close friend of yours?
36 Can you tell us what would be your life’s toughest decision?
37 Tell us did you ever have a conflict with your current/previous boss or professor?
38 Tell us the difference between group and team. Are you a team player?
39 Tell us how do you feel about working weekends and night shifts?
40 Please explain are you open to take risks? or Do you like experimenting?
41 Tell us can you describe your time management skills?
42 Explain me are you applying for other jobs? Do you have any other offer in hand?
43 Explain me do you have any ideas to improve our recruitment process?
44 Tell us why did you change your last job?
45 Can you tell us are you a team player?
46 Tell us what are your strong points? or What are your strengths?
47 Tell us what did you do in the last year to improve your knowledge?
48 Explain me what are your biggest achievements till date?
49 Tell us are you reliable? or Can I trust you with responsibilities?
50 Tell us why do you enjoy working closely with people?
51 Tell us aren’t you overqualified for this position?
52 Explain me you have changed jobs/jumped ship too many times already, why so?
53 Tell us what do you always regret? or Do you have any regrets?
54 Tell us why should we hire you? or Why should I hire you?
55 Tell us are you willing to relocate or travel?
56 Explain me what are your other interests or likes?
57 Explain me how have you used creativity in an HR position?
58 Tell us how do you feel about shift rotation?
59 Tell us which area of HR do you enjoy working in most?
60 Can you tell us what makes you angry?
61 Explain me what do your friends/co-workers say about you?
62 Tell us what was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
63 Explain me how do you work under pressure? Can you handle the pressure?
64 Please explain why have you applied for this particular job?
65 Can you please explain what do you like about your present job?
66 Suppose if you won a Rs.10-crore lottery, would you still work?
67 Explain me what is the difference between hard work and smart work?
68 Tell us what’s your absenteeism record like?
69 Tell us what experience do you have in HR?
70 Tell us are you demanding as a boss?
71 Explain what is your greatest fear?
72 Can you tell me an example of your creativity?
73 Tell us what software packages are you familiar with?
74 Tell us the characteristics of the ideal role for you?
75 Tell us what are your hobbies? or What are you passionate about?

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