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50 Most Common Music Therapist Interview Questions And Answers

Help Desk :: Music Therapist Job Interview Questions and Answers

Music Therapist Frequently Asked Questions in various Music Therapist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 Explain me about a successful patient you have either cared for or witnessed being cared for?
2 Tell us what music therapy strategies have you used? Which one was most effective?
3 Tell us what do your therapy sessions look like?
4 Tell me what made you choose this field? Why?
5 Tell us what goals do you try to accomplish with children via music therapy?
6 Tell us which type of music is effective for autistic child?
7 Tell me where do music therapists work?
8 Explain how many days does Music Therapy need to be applied for?
9 Tell us how old must a child be before she or he can start music therapy?
10 Tell us what type of patient receives musical therapy? Why does that person qualify for therapy?
11 Explain me what is Music Therapy?
12 Tell us what about the nursing home?
13 Tell me what is the minimum age for music therapy with a child with an autistic child?
14 Sharing knowledge is the future. We can grow better and faster, if we help each other. I think The Rhythm Tree is a nice example of this way sharing information. How does it feel to be a “pioneer” of open source in music-therapy?
15 Explain me how do you play musical instruments, sing, interact with clients, make notes and assess clients simultaneously?
16 So could you sing three of your favorite songs?
17 Can you tell me what are your career goals?
18 Tell us what programming have you implemented that was designed to help the patient in their continued recovery after discharge?
19 Tell me what do you do when a patient is reluctant to participate in music therapy sessions?
20 Tell me what have you done in the past year to better yourself as a Music Therapist?
21 I see you do a lot of research about finding new objects or gestures to enhance the communication skills of your users. How do you develop these techniques/musical instruments adaptation?
22 Explain do you have a certain structure in improvisations like the one in the video? Do you have, for example, certain sentences or chord progressions ready when you sing?
23 Tell us how can a music therapist decide what instruments an autistic child will prefer?
24 Explain me what you do with the children?
25 Tell us how have your professional and educational experiences prepared you to work in this position?
26 Tell us how would you end a therapy session with a client with Alzheimer’s disease—or a child with autism—who are enjoying themselves and don’t want you to leave?
27 Tell us is there research being done in the field of music therapy? Where can I learn more?
28 Explain me a session plan that did not go well. Why was it not successful and what did you learn from it?
29 Tell me how do you go about involving family members in patient treatment?
30 Please share three of your success stories as a Music Therapist?
31 Suppose I love music as well and I am a follower/fan of your video-blog “the Rhythm Tree”. Can you tell me when/how  “The Rhythm Tree” video-blog was born?
32 Tell me which musical instruments do you play proficiently?
33 Tell us how do you use research to inform your music therapy practices?
34 Tell me where do you see yourself in 5 years as Music Therapist?
35 Tell us is there anything you wish you had known before you chose this profession?
36 Explain me what types of music do you play? Why those types of music?
37 Can you explain me about your education?
38 Tell me when did you realize you wanted to be a music therapist?
39 Tell us what instruments are used and why?
40 Tell me how does music therapy help a child cope with emotional stress?
41 Can you tell us something about your job?
42 Tell me what do you like most about being a music therapist?
43 Tell us how do you think music-therapy will develop in the next 10 years?
44 Tell us what do music therapists do?
45 Explain me how can music therapy be used to teach school subjects better?
46 Tell us what is one of your favorite music therapeutic activities?
47 Tell me how do you use music therapy with children who don't have special needs?
48 Tell us why do you feel the music therapy approach of this course is right for you?
49 Explain me a bit about your work as a music therapist?
50 Tell us any last piece of advice?

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