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45 Most Common First Aid Instructor Interview Questions And Answers

Health Care :: First Aid Instructor Job Interview Questions and Answers

First Aid Instructor related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as First Aid Instructor. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Tell us what Is The Best Way To Stop External Blood Loss?
2 Tell us what is adrenaline?
3 What is basic Life Support (BLS)?
4 What is cardiac?
5 What is blood pressure?
6 What is chest Pain?
7 What is cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)?
8 What is diabetes?
9 Explain me the Very First Thing You Should Do When You Arrive At An Incident Scene?
10 Suppose a Co-worker Collapses Unconscious In Front Of You. After Assessing For Dangers, And Checking For A Response And Sending For Help - Your Next Action Would Be To?
11 Suppose there Has Been An Accident In Your Workplace With Four People Injured. Which Person Do You Assess First?
12 Do you know what is compression?
13 Explain me when Providing First Aid To An Unconscious Breathing Casualty, How Would You Position Them?
14 Tell me when Performing Compression Only Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation On An Adult The Correct Rate Of Compressions Is?
15 Suppose a Lady Has Fallen From A Ladder And Landed Heavily On Her Back. On Assessment You Find No Dangers Present And She Is Unconscious. You Have Sent For Help, Cleared Her Airway And Noticed That She Is Breathing Normally. What Position Would You Place Her In?
16 Tell us the Use Of Personal Protective Equipment (ppe) Also Known As Standard Precautions, Are To Prevent Exposure To Infection And May Include?
17 Suppose you Are At Home Having A Window Replaced By A Tradesperson, When He Slips Whilst Carrying Glass. You Respond To Calls For Help And Find Him With A Large Piece Of Glass Embedded In His Left Arm. There Is Blood Flowing Freely From The Wound. You Should?
18 Tell us what Symptoms Would Indicate A Person Is Having A 'severe' Anaphylactic Reaction?
19 What is automated External Defibrillator?
20 What is decongestant?
21 Tell us how Do You Check For A Response To Determine Whether Someone Is Unconscious?
22 Tell us the Pain Of Angina Is Usually Relieved By?
23 What is C-Spine?
24 Tell us respiratory Difficulty Experienced By Asthmatics Is Associated With?
25 Tell us when Performing Cpr The Correct Position Of The First Aider's Hands Should Be?
26 What is avulsion?
27 Explain me what Is The Best Method For Assessing A Casualty?
28 What is blood sugar?
29 Tell us which Statements Are Correct In Relation To The Use Of An Aed?
30 Tell us when Using A Defibrillator, How Do You Know Where To Place The Pads?
31 What is anaesthetic?
32 Tell us what Is The Responsibility As A First Aider Requires You To?
33 What is calamine?
34 What is concussion?
35 What are cyanosis?
36 What is carbon monoxide poisoning?
37 What is asthma?
38 Explain me what Does The Secondary Survey Include?
39 What is aspirin?
40 Explain me cuts?
41 What is antibiotics?
42 What is bruise?
43 What is contusion?
44 Explain what is breathing?
45 What is choking?

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