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65 Most Common Hair Cutter Interview Questions And Answers

Modeling And Fashion Designing :: Hair Cutter Job Interview Questions and Answers

Hair Cutter related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Hair Cutter. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Explain me a Little About Your Education and Work Experience?
2 Tell me as a hair stylist, what do you offer that can ensure more business?
3 Explain me how will you make this salon better?
4 What is carve and Slice?
5 What is businessman/Peaked?
6 Explain what is asymmetrical?
7 What is thinned?
8 Tell us your Consultation Process?
9 Tell me why do you love cutting and styling hair?
10 Explain what is the difference between Re-bonding, Extenso and Keratin treatments?
11 Tell me can you work Saturdays?
12 Tell us what is razor?
13 What is buzz Cut?
14 What is undercut?
15 What is taper vs. Fade?
16 What is layered?
17 Explain me how Would You Handle It If a Client Is Dissatisfied with Your Work?
18 Tell us what does customer services mean to you?
19 Tell us what do you do if a customer is insisting on a hairstyle you are sure will not suit their face cut?
20 Basic Hair Cutter Job Interview Questions:
21 What is the Fade?
22 What is long Side Swept?
23 What is razored?
24 Please explain about a time when you messed up someones hair, what did you do?
25 Tell me on what basis do you recommend hairstyles to your customers?
26 Explain me what is sideburns?
27 What is square/Flair/Shape Up?
28 What is high & Tight?
29 What is uneven/Choppy?
30 What is comb Over Fade?
31 What is graduation?
32 Tell me when you learned something from a mistake at work?
33 Tell me what hair cuts do you find most challenging?
34 Tell me what hair styles are you most comfortable working on?
35 Tell us are you open to feedback?
36 What is dry Cutting?
37 What is long and Slicked Back?
38 What is tapered Neckline?
39 Tell me are there any customers you dislike working with?
40 Tell me share one suggestion you made at your workplace that was implemented?
41 What is faux Hawk?
42 What is rounded Neckline?
43 What is Bangs (aka Fringe)?
44 Please explain which hair type do you enjoy working with?
45 Tell me when do you not like to socialize with customers?
46 Tell us how long would you plan on working here if hired?
47 Tell me what is weight Line?
48 Tell me when did you realize you wanted to be a hair stylist?
49 What is top Knot?
50 What is bob?
51 Explain me why did you choose this profession?
52 What is disconnection?
53 What is blocked Neckline?
54 What is your biggest weakness regarding Hair Cutter?
55 What is crew Cut?
56 Tell me what kind of hair treatments are you familiar with?
57 Tell us what do you know about the retail end of working as a hair stylist?
58 Tell us why do you want this job at our salon?
59 What is caesar Cut?
60 What is pixie?
61 Please explain which skills are required to succeed as a hair stylist?
62 What is dusting?
63 What is ivy League?
64 What is weight removal?
65 Can you name some treatments for frizzy hair?

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