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69 Most Common Music Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Teaching :: Music Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Music Teacher based Frequently Asked Questions in various Music Teacher job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

1 Tell me who’s your favorite musician or composer?
2 Tell me what is a cappella?
3 What is cantata?
4 What is deceptive cadence?
5 What is exposition?
6 What is glee?
7 Do you know what is tonic?
8 What is rondo?
9 What is verismo?
10 Explain me what qualities do you think a good teacher should have?
11 What is baroque?
12 What is castrato?
13 What is development?
14 What is expressionism?
15 What is gavotte?
16 Do you know what is tonality?
17 What is round?
18 What is timbre?
19 What is madrigal?
20 What is grave?
21 Tell me what is ensemble?
22 What is Da Capo?
23 What is chamber music?
24 Tell me what is accelerando?
25 Tell us what is a common musical concept that students struggle with? How do you approach this in your lessons?
26 Tell me what is system?
27 What are modes?
28 What is finale?
29 What is etude?
30 What is drone?
31 What is cantabile?
32 Tell me what is cadence?
33 Tell us have you ever been in a position of leadership? If yes, What were your greatest challenges and how did you handle them?
34 What is sonata?
35 Do you know what is major?
36 What is fourth?
37 What is dissonance?
38 Professional Music Teacher Job Interview Questions:
39 Basic Music Teacher Job Interview Questions:
40 Tell us is there anything in your personal life that could impact your ability to get to work on a consistent basis?
41 What is clef?
42 Tell me what is fermata?
43 Tell me what is measure?
44 What is relative major and minor?
45 Tell us what makes your favorite artist so outstanding?
46 What is cadenza?
47 What is conductor?
48 Do you know what is solo?
49 What is scordatura?
50 Tell me how would a former student describe you as a teacher?
51 What is classicism?
52 Tell me what is harmony?
53 What is reed?
54 Explain me about an instructor or mentor that has inspired you?
55 What is dynamics?
56 What is key signature?
57 What is romantic?
58 What is fifth?
59 Tell me what is concerto?
60 What is falsetto?
61 Explain what is scale?
62 What is enharmonic Interval?
63 What is gregorian Chant?
64 What is prelude?
65 What is encore?
66 What is klangfarbenmelodie?
67 What is fugue?
68 What is classical?
69 What is canon?

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