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Computer Basics Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Computer Basics Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 What is the difference between Save and Save As?
2 How can we find out basic information about our computer?
3 How can I add or change the choices available in the Send To box?
4 How do We "add" a sound to the Caps Lock key so We can hear when We accidentally hit it?
5 How do I set the time for how long my screen saver stays on to forever?
6 What is the difference between an Intel Celeron and Pentium processor?
7 How do we change the number of mouse clicks to open items?
8 What does OEM mean?
9 How can we get Detailed System Information about our computer?
10 What is the "correct" way to remove a program from our computer?
11 How do we change the screen resolution of our computer?
12 If our mouse is erratic. How can we fix it?
13 How do we remove the ">" marks for an email before we send it?
14 How can we easily send a part of a received e-mail to someone else?
15 Is there a simple way to create a boot disk for various operating systems?
16 What is the difference between the "system tray" and the "quick launch tray"?
17 How can we get rid of the noises when our modem makes a connection to the internet?
18 When we tried to make a corrections to some text, all the letters/words to the right disappeared as we typed in the corrections. What happened?
19 Where can one "Properly and Safely" dispose of a "dead" computer components?
20 How can we check our E-mail when we are away from home?
21 What steps should I take to replace the bios battery?
22 Can a FAT32 drive be converted to NTFS without losing data?
23 What steps should we take to replace the bios battery?
24 How do we open a RAR file?
25 How can we view the patches and hot fixes which have been downloaded onto our computer?

2012-03-26 10:12:04

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Re: Computer Basics Interview Questions And Answers

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