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Re: Instrumentation Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

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Re: Instrumentation Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

hello it was very helpful ..some more question which is asked for control engineers interview

1. How can leveltrol be installed in steam drum for measuring the level of steam drum?
2. What is ultrasonic flowmeter?
3. Differentiate between ultrasonic flowmeter and radar type flow meter.
4. What is the use of temprature compensation?
5. What is modbus?
6. How signals can be taken through modbus?
7. How earthing can be checked?
8. How many ohms are required for proper earthing?
9. Explain signal isolator.
10. Which wiring connection is preferred in motor for industrial use?
11. What do you mean by trim?
12. How DP Transmitter can be calibrated for crude application in floating roof tank?
13. What is the principle of capacitance type level transmitter?
14. How process line mpm calculation is done?
15. Explain PLC Level and its type?
16. What is procedure on mmwc in to tph?
17. How an rtd work, and what volts/current goes to a RTD to measure the resistance?
18. What is consistency transmitter and describe its working?
19. How to calculate MMWC values into tonnes?
20. How can I make calculation to Install level transmitter (DP) for open tank and close tank?
21. What is difference between DO and DI?
22. What is loop1 and loop2 in MTS LT?
23. How to calibration a control valve?
24. What is dry leg calibration and where is it used?
25. How flow can be measured with dp?
26. Why MMWC unit is used?
27. How HART protocol can be connected with control valves?
28. What is the meaning of slope in PH transmeter?
29. What is Difference between PLC and CNC?
30. If we have 450 mm height boiler drum level, so what is span & zero value for a dpt transmitter?
31. How can level transmitter in closed tank application be used?
32. Why ac supply load cell is used? Can we use the dc supply load cell?
33. What are advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell?
34. What is coriolis principle for mass flow meter?
35. What are the automatic controller MODES?
36. What is Cryogenic?
37. What happen if we install my pressure transmitter below the elevation of pipe in natural gas service?
38. What are the reliability data, like failure rate etc, for bently Nevada systems & vibration probes?
39. What is the meaning of wet leg & where is it used?
40. What are the key components of control loop?
41. Working principle of lvdt?
42. What is difference between differential pressure & delta pressure?
43. How to trim the pressure transmitter?
44. What are different types of cable?
45. What is the use of control cable?
46. Which type of diaphragm use in costic line, DM water line, natural gas line, oil line?
47. What are different types of valves?
48. What is the hydra step level sensor output value (measuring level of steam drum)?
49. What is mean by live zero and dead zero?
50. When a magnet is heated?
51. Why the degree of valve plugs and valve seat is slightly different I control valve trim design?
52. What is modbus, profibus, fieldbus?
53. What is the use of gauge?
54. How to calibrate differential pressure switch?

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