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70 Most Common Office Administrator Interview Questions And Answers

Administration :: Office Administrator Job Interview Questions and Answers

Office Administrator related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Office Administrator. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 Please explain how do you cope with busy, stressful periods?
2 Please tell me why do you think it’s important to be positive in an admin role?
3 Why Should You Get This Position as Office Administrator?
4 Tell us are you comfortable handling multiple responsibilities at once?
5 Tell us how do you organize your daily schedule and prioritize your activities?
6 Tell me do you think it’s important to maintain cleanliness in and around the office?
7 Explain me your approach to conducting training sessions with employees?
8 Explain a big part of this job will be scheduling and maintaining the work facilities. Do you have experience with this task?
9 Tell me what do you believe to be your biggest strength?
10 Tell us are the timings of this job suitable to you? Can you work overtime and weekends?
11 Tell me are you willing to work overtime, if needed, to complete a project?
12 Explain what do you enjoy most/least about this type of work?
13 Tell us why Do You Suppose Manhole Covers Are Round?
14 Please explain how do you handle stress and pressure?
15 Tell me what record keeping were you responsible for?
16 Tell us what kind of documents do you have experience writing?
17 Tell me are you comfortable taking orders from supervisors and associates?
18 Tell us how do you think Administrative Assistants add value to a business?
19 Please explain are you familiar with professional use of Microsoft Office? Specifically MS Outlook, Word and Excel?
20 Tell me do you have a valid driver’s license? Any tickets?
21 Why did you leave your previous job as Office Administrator?
22 Tell me how did you gain the technical knowledge needed for this insurance office manager position?
23 Tell us what are significant characteristics for a successful office assistant?
24 Tell me how do you make sure you have clearly and accurately understood an inquiry or request made of you?
25 Tell us what computer programs are you comfortable using?
26 How Do I Rate as an Interviewer?
27 Can you tell me are you good at solving problems?
28 Please explain what role do you think an administrator plays in the office dynamic?
29 As you know we like to think of ourselves as a team in this company.  What skills will you bring to our team?
30 Explain me a situation where you went out of your way to provide customer satisfaction?
31 Tell us what administrative process worked well at your last position? What didn’t work very well?
32 Tell me what kind of advancement are you hoping this insurance office manager position will lead to?
33 If you are given three tasks at the same time i.e. order office supplies, make travel arrangements for a senior manager and call up a few clients to set appointments, how will you go about it? What will be the first thing you would do?
34 Explain me about a recent situation where you had to manage conflict between your staff?
35 Please explain how have you ensured the adoption of a new procedure or policy throughout a team or an organization?
36 Tell us how do you keep yourself organised when dealing with tasks and requests from multiple sources?
37 Basic Office Administrator Job Interview Questions:
38 Operational and Situational Office Administrator Job Interview Questions:
39 Professional Office Administrator Job Interview Questions:
40 Sample Office Administrator Job Interview Questions:
41 Top 10 Office Administrator Job Interview Questions:
42 Tell me you will be expected to perform office tasks. Do you have the computer abilities necessary?
43 As you know this is a temporary job, but if your performance exceeds our expectations we will consider hiring you as a permanent employee. Would that be okay with you?
44 Tell us what do you think your duties will be in this insurance office manager position?
45 Tell me on rare basis, can you travel to other cities and towns on official tours? (With the travelling allowance provided)
46 Tell me what is your understanding of the office manager role and your understanding of our company?
47 Explain what experience do you have in administrator roles?
48 Please explain do you have any skills such as shorthand/touch typing?
49 Tell me how many telephone calls can you attend in an hour, maintaining the same level of interest and professionalism?
50 Tell us how do you handle a particularly busy day and still manage to run a smooth office?
51 Explain me a situation where you were able to help out a colleague or team member?
52 Tell us who Do You Admire Most and Why?
53 Explain me are you able to use any relevant software packages?
54 Explain me about a time when you had to adapt quickly to a new procedure or policy?
55 Explain me something about your previous experience as an administrative assistant?
56 Please explain how do you manage deadlines?
57 Explain a typical day and the range of responsibilities in your previous job?
58 Can you tell me what do you think your previous boss would say about you?
59 Please tell us how do you feel about multitasking at work?
60 Can you explain me what office-related software are you proficient with?
61 What are your future your goals as Office Administrator?
62 Can you tell me how do you deal with authority?
63 Tell me what do you consider your administrative strengths?
64 Explain me how you handled correspondence at your previous work experience?
65 Tell us how would you react if you felt you were being pushed too far at work?
66 Can you explain me why do you want to be an administrative assistant?
67 Explain me about time management in relation to the job of an office assistant?
68 Explain me do you enjoy meeting new people and interacting with customers?
69 Please tell me what are your communication skills like?
70 Tell us how do you check for errors in your work?

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