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72 Most Common Assistant Accountant Interview Questions And Answers

Accounting :: Assistant Accountant Job Interview Questions and Answers

Assistant Accounts related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Assistant Accountant. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

1 What has been your most complex assignment to date?
2 Where would you like to be in five years' time?
3 Tell me what sets you apart from others? Why should we prefer you over other applicants?
4 Explain me a Time When You’ve Helped Reduce Costs?
5 How would you handle an audit or discrepancy?
6 Explain me which accounting software are you familiar with?
7 Tell us how effective are your communication skills?
8 Tell me what is owner’s equity? How will you calculate it?
9 Tell me what is the adjustment entries made while preparing the final accounts from the Trial Balance?
10 Explain me what is Deferred Revenue Expenditure? Give some examples?
11 Describe yourself professionally in a few words?
12 Why do you want to work here as Assistant Accountant?
13 What accounting software applications are you familiar with?
14 Tell me what work objectives did you set for this year and what steps have you taken to ensure you will achieve them?
15 Tell me about a time when you successfully multitasked?
16 Tell me are you familiar with current accounting standards?
17 Tell me do you think you can provide the highest possible attention to detail as an accounting clerk in our company?
18 Explain me what is double entry Bookkeeping? What are its rules?
19 Tell me what is the difference between a trial balance and a balance sheet?
20 Tell me what is the relation between journal and ledger?
21 Tell us what are your biggest strengths?
22 Explain what are your long-term goals?
23 Tell me have you applied anywhere else?
24 Explain me the criteria you use for evaluating the reliability of the financial information you receive?
25 Do you have experience with accounting software? Which ones?
26 Explain me do You Possess Any Knowledge of Accounting Standards?
27 What daily tasks do you expect to perform? What is the importance of this role?
28 Tell me how do you feel about creative accounting?
29 Explain each real account and nominal account with examples?
30 Explain me what is convention of materiality?
31 Tell us what are the common errors in accounting? What steps will you follow to locate errors?
32 Tell us what is bank reconciliation statement? What are the steps to prepare it?
33 Tell us how do you make sure you don't make any mistakes in your work?
34 Tell me how do your friends/colleagues/coworkers define you?
35 What are your biggest weaknesses?
36 What is accounts payable/receivable, information management and credit are the four crucial facets of this Accounting Assistant’s duties, what experience do you have relative to these areas?
37 Tell me what's the most challenging accounting task you've have to solve?
38 Do you know what are the accounting concepts?
39 Tell me what are the important terms used in balance sheet?
40 Top 55 Assistant Accountant Job Interview Questions:
41 Role-specific Assistant Accountant Job Interview Questions:
42 Operational and Situational Assistant Accountant Job Interview Questions:
43 Behavioral Assistant Accountant Job Interview Questions:
44 Explain your experience with applying accounting principles?
45 Explain me what is your least favourite aspect of being an accounts assistant?
46 Tell me what do you do to avoid making errors?
47 Tell us what items are included in Profit and Loss account?
48 Tell me what is the difference between mercantile system and cash system of accounting?
49 Explain me what has been the most significant decision you made at work this year?
50 We have read your resume and know that you fit in the required educational criteria; can you enlighten us on your professional experience?
51 Explain me what is your proudest accomplishment?
52 Would you be comfortable communicating with vendors and clients?
53 Explain Trial Balance. What are the main characteristics and uses of a trial balance?
54 Explain me what are the reasons for the difference in the balances as shown by the cash book and the pass book?
55 Explain me about time when you reduced costs for a previous employer?
56 Tell us what is your ideal role?
57 Introduce yourself please. What are your general qualifications for the job?
58 Tell us what bookkeeping software are you comfortable using?
59 Do you know the errors which affect Trial Balance and errors which do not affect Trial Balance?
60 Tell us what attracts you to this role?
61 Explain how have you managed potential payment problems with your customers?
62 Explain what is the difference between Cash discount and Trade discount?
63 What do you know about the organisation?
64 Explain me what is Contingent Liabilities?
65 Tell us what were your responsibilities at your previous job?
66 Tell me how did you gain important expertise in the field of accounting?
67 Explain me a time that you had to present financial data to non-financial staff?
68 Explain why Do You Want to Be an Accountant?
69 Please tell me are you computer literate?
70 Explain how Do You Minimize the Risk for Errors in Your Work?
71 Tell me how have you monitored the performance of your team?
72 Tell me would you describe yourself as a responsible person and employee?

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