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128 Most Common Zoologist Interview Questions And Answers

Live Stock :: Zoologist Job Interview Questions and Answers

Zoologist Frequently Asked Questions in various Zoologist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

1 Which marine mammal’s flesh is mostly used by Eskimos?
2 Why do desert aminal look so pale?
3 Which is the animal that has a tongue longer longer than its body?
4 Define what is a flying squirrel?
5 Which animal produces the biggest baby?
6 Define what is an Oviparous animal?
7 Animals having four feet are called Define what?
8 Define what helps bat in flying?
9 Which animal has no skeleton?
10 Which animal defends itself by squirting an noxious liquid called mercaptan?
11 Which has the thickest skin of any living animal?
12 Which animal can produce double milk?
13 Which camel has two humps?
14 Which animal is hyena family eats insects?
15 Which wolf is not a wolf?
16 Define what is a Cola’s favorite food?
17 Define what is the name of the deer which is on th everge of extinction?
18 Which are the two kinds of animals that scientist describe as warm blooded, Define what are they?
19 Which is the biggest land animal?
20 Define what is an animal?
21 Which is the largest of the ape?
22 Define what are Ruminents?
23 Explain How many hours in a day to cat spend sleeping?
24 Define what is the meaning of the name Orangutan?
25 In which country kiwi is found?
26 The average length of Dolphin?
27 Define what is animals belonging to Phylum Annelida are commonly known?
28 Which monkey has the biggest nose?
29 Which is the rarest marsupial?
30 Some animals have colours for protection. Which are they?
31 Which is the mammal that can differentiate between different colurs?
32 Which is the most successful and evolving mammal of the animal kingdom?
33 Which is the biggest eater in the animal kingdom?
34 Which is the animal which never drink water?
35 Define what is the size of new born Kangaroo?
36 Which is the world’s largest living reptile?
37 Define what kind of animals llive under ground?
38 Define what are tentacles?
39 Which is the animal used by tapeworm as its host?
40 Define what peculiar characteristic do the Hippopotamus and Tapir share?
41 Which animal is the biggest?
42 Define what is Binomial nomenclature?
43 Which ape can make its own tools?
44 Which animal has the longest longivity?
45 Which is the smallest dog on the earth?
46 Explain How long does a Dolphin sleep?
47 Which are the cats that have no tail?
48 Name the world’s rarest monkey?
49 Define what are Arboreal animals?
50 Which animal has the highest gestation periods and Explain How many days?
51 Define what are the four ways a horse moves?
52 Explain How often can a female rat reproduce?
53 Which is the only animal which has four knees?
54 The aquatic animals which are most developed Intelligence?
55 Explain How far can a kangaroo jump?
56 Which is the animal without fingers, but with nails?
57 Which is the ugliest of all mammals?
58 Whcih animal is a glutton?
59 Which is the largest kangaroo in the world?
60 Name the South American animal which is camel like but short statured?
61 Which animal has the biggest brain?
62 Dog lies down to sleep only after observing the surroundings. Why?
63 Which is the most primitive breed pf dogs in the world?
64 Which large turry mammal spends all day hanging upside down in the trees in the rain forest of South America?
65 Explain How many species are there in mammals?
66 Which is the biggest cell?
67 Do the lions or lionesses do most of the hunting in a pride?
68 Which animal faints when frightened by the enemy?
69 Why does the egg happen to be larger in size when compared to the other cells?
70 The skin of an animal is called the ‘hudson seal’ by furriers. Which is the animal?
71 Define what is a flying fox?
72 Define what is the meaning of the term ‘Lagomorpha’?
73 Explain How do mammals communicate?
74 Define what is Viviparous animal?
75 Which is the only cat that cannot retract its claws?
76 The mammals that lives at the greatest altitude is?
77 If a dog’s ears go back Define what emotions might it be communicating?
78 Define what does a skunk do when it is attacked?
79 For Define what rats and rabbits use their claws?
80 Which is the tallest living animal?
81 Define what is the branch of zoology dealing with whales called?
82 Which animal has the characteristics of both mammals and birds?
83 Which dog is not a dog?
84 Explain How many vertibrate are there in a giraffe’s neck?
85 Which is the largest rodent in the world?
86 Which birds lives, breeds, sleeps and eats underground?
87 Define what is hervivores?
88 Define what is mammal?
89 Define what is called animals living on the sea floor?
90 Define what are Panthers?
91 Explain How long a camel survive without water?
92 Why do animals have hair?
93 Which is the word’s smallest monkey?
94 Which is the smallest mammal?
95 Which animal is brown in summer and white in winter?
96 Which animal uses an ultrasonic sonar to detect its pray?
97 Which ancient civilization believed cats were sacred?
98 Define what is a guinea pig?
99 Define what is a dog’s most highly developed sense?
100 Define what is Pangolin?
101 Define what is the fat of whale called?
102 Which is a common domesticated animal that is colour blind?
103 Which is the continent known as the land of kangaroo?
104 Define what is the difference between a hare and a rabbit?
105 Which are the animals that live in cold regions?
106 Which cat can live without water for the longest time?
107 Which are the biggest cats; tiger or lion?
108 In which country the Yak is found?
109 Define what does a Beaver build?
110 Which is the smallest member of the Fox family?
111 A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet?
112 Explain How many arms does an octopus have?
113 Which is the mammal that has wings for flying?
114 Which animal is the closest relative of a cat?
115 Which animal is the fastest on foot?
116 Which is the man like ape found in Borneo and Sumatra?
117 Define what is Murrah?
118 Why do elephants flap their ears so much?
119 Which is the smallest marsupial?
120 Which animal subsist on flesh?
121 Define what is hippology?
122 Define what is called animals that swim about in sea?
123 Define what is an Ovoviviparous animal?
124 Which is the worlds smallest and ferocious mammal?
125 Name three aquatic mammals?
126 Which animal live in hot region?
127 Which is the largest Indian deer?
128 Which is the largest marsupial?

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